More pain

More pain! I fell over trying to play bowls.

Knee just jelly.

Darling hubby got me to A&E suspected ligament/cartilage damage.

I cannot load up pic of the stylish splint I have to wear for 2 weeks till they review the damage.

Ice packs and crutches to add to the fun.

Any extra pain is crazy but being immobilise is very annoying.

TV & reading & internet to amuse me!

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  • Ouch poor you. More pain is never welcome. Look after yourself


    Jo x

  • Well let's see splints are no fun at all!!!!! You did pretty good I fell last summer and broke my hip. The last time I fell in house pulled muscles and knocked hip and shoulder out of place. Being "double jointed " it was fun getting them back in. Only took about a month! When I was younger I could just slip them back in. I would say. Playing on internet is fun!!! Love typing I funny pictures and seeing what I can come up with! At least it makes me smile!

  • Sorry to read about your fall, pity we can't see the "sylish" splint is it one of those fashonable black affairs? Just think of the immobilisation as a means of pacing yourself. Hope at the end of the 2 weeks they will be able to take it off. Soft hugs coming your way.x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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