Morning routine?

Good morning lovelies ☺ just wondering how many people find one of the first things they do in the morning is take pain killers?

Apart from going the loo, I find my next move is taking pain killers, making a cuppa then chilling for a bit before getting the household up for school /work. Does anyone else reach for the pain killers as part of their first morning routine x

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  • Good morning ! Yep it is the very first thing i do in the morning. I then have to wait for them to kick in before I can get up and begin my day ! Xxx

  • Yep

  • Yep, just done it, toast, hot drink and 6 pills. Same routine for years. I suspect almost everyone onhere does the same. Hard to function without them.

  • Morning yea me to, pills wait for them to kick in before I can have coffee as most mornings can't lift kettle pain in wrists,then hubby usually hears me moaning and comes and makes it 😃

  • Yep I take one set of painkillers and if I am having a good day I take the kids to school then come home and take the stronger ones that I wouldn't risk driving with my kids on. On a bad day I take them all and have my mum pick the kids up and my daughter who is 8 helps get her brother dressed who is 4 and get breakfast etc whilst I sit on the sofa or use my walking stick to hobble round and help

  • I have any alarm set for one hour before I need to get up, I take my first lot of meds including pain killers then try and go back to sleep for an hour, or at least doze. By time I get up, meds have kicked in x

  • Definate yes. I have to take one of my tablets with food so my lovely OH brings me a bowl of cereal, a small glass of orange juice and a cuppa up and I then take my tablets and let them well and truely kick in before doing stretches and exercises and meeting the day. The only times because of emergencies that I have had to get out of bed without this routine I have stumbled and groaned around the bedroom like a 100 year old hardly able to function or straighten up. Will have to do without this routine and fend for myself on Thurs as he has to stop with his ill brother who needs someone with him after an op. so needless to say am dreading it but brother in laws needs are greater than mine as he is really poorly.

    The thought of having to get anyone else up other than myself is mind bending so my hats off to all the Mom's and Grannies out there.x

  • I am pretty much the same as you except my kids are grown up and flown the nest, also on Friday I take my Alendronic Acid prior to anything else as I also have Osteoporosis. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • i have pain patches that stay on for 48 hours which helps to lower the constant pain. use the pills for breakthrough which almost never happens in the morning. you might want to see if there is anything that is long lasting that you can take so don't wake up with horrible pain.

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