Sorry my friends that I have not been on here for awhile. I wasn't doing to good. My left shoulder blade had been acting up badly. I even had some test done and one came out that I have small herina on my abdominal. On my shoulder blade my PT and the pain management is getting my shoulder blade to feel better. At first they thought it was the muscle. My PT he put a electrical shock wave and with heat after the work out. That help me a lot. My insurance is going to pay for one of those shock wave. I can keep it on when ever I need it or when I am doing thing. Because it is small and that have gell patches. They pay for the this wouldn't pay for the gel cream. But at least I get the shock wave. I am so greatful that I am slowly getting better to were I can do more things around the basement apartment.


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  • Lovely to hear your news and as ever you are positive .

    Keep your chin up


  • I have something similar in both my shoulder blades but it is coming from bulging discs in my neck. The left is worse today as I actually slept well last night! On my left side though! Wish I could sleep on my back. I use a Caspian chilli cream whilst so strong it is prescribed. It is very effective, one tube has lasted six months and I can't imagine it costs much and it's a natural product. Have to wash hands very thoroughly or use gloves.

    Glad your getting some help


  • I can lay on my back but when I left up it will hurt. When I turn to my right or to my left it will hurt. Then when I get on my left or right I feel better even on my back. My insurance wouldn't pay for my gell cream but if I pay for it. It will coast me 61.00 to buy it. I am thankful that I am getting help. If I didn't have the insurance that I have I wouldn't be able to get myself taken care of. I have the Obama plain since I don't get any income. My fiance he does. But his income doesn't count. I thank God every day for having this help. I know there is people that needs help I pray that they get help.


  • Lucky enough to live in UK but our precious NHS is being eroded by the consevative government. Privatised and sold off to the highest bidder, often to companies with no medical knowledge but know the staff will stay on to keep their jobs. Many of these pseudo medical companies have Directors who are politicians, what a suprise!

    If only we didn't fight wars in places we didn't belong every single person would have the nutritional and health care for all their needs free. What a strange world we live in!


  • Pleased you are getting good treatment, I hope you continue to improve xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been so poorly, but I am sincerely delighted to read that you are beginning to feel better and that you have a shock wave machine.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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