Cross stitching

Cross stitching

Here is a picture (not sure why it is posted sideways cant seem to find how to turn it) this is what keeps me sane most of the time. My stitching this piece actually won at a stitch retreat i went to in April first time i have ever won anything. This is one thing i won't let my fibro and osteoarthritis make me give up until i really have to. I did have to have a break last year as i had surgery on my left hand which hasn't gone as well as the right hand but with propping myself up right and the correct frames and stands i still manage to do this. I struggle with the beads now but someone gave me a sticky mat so i don't have to try and pick them up i just use the needle. It is a great way of keeping me focused on something rather than sitting thinking about the pain and getting more depressed. I know it may not be up everyones street but thought i would show it. I have many more waiting to be framed but just loved this one.


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  • That is beautiful, keep it up.

    It's good to have a hobby.

    Wendy x

  • Well done, so lovely. I know what you mean any thing creative is a positive and can help. Thankyou for sharing this x

  • My pictures always come out sideways don't know why lol. That's really good such delicate work, I do crocheting which as you say keeps me sane too, takes your mind off pain for a while. and Keeps our hands supple 😃

  • It is really lovely Jackie. I lose patience with cross stitch but love to sew with the machine and also knit (when hands and arms let me). I will have to post pickies of some of my creations. It keeps me sane (ish). Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Hi there

    What a beautiful piece of work 😊

    The reason your pic has loaded sideways is because the resolution of the photograph is too big for the site to handle in portrait.

    Most of our pics load this way, so don't spend too much time trying to turn it round because unfortunately you can't !

    I used to love long stitch many years ago, but sadly now my back won't allow me to do them anymore.


    Lu xx

  • Very lovely and keeps you out of mischief. ;-)

  • It's beautiful and must have taken you months of dedicated work. I too have taken up cross stitch and find it really theraputic (still just a novice but it does make me happy ).Keep posting your work it's something I can aspire to lol x

  • Such an exquisite example of cross stitch. I used to enjoy doing this years ago. Arthritis in my hands makes it impossible now. Your piece is lovely. Thanks for showing it.

  • That is s beautiful, I wish I could one that good :)

  • beautiful work, jackie! thanks so much for sharing it with us ~ it's easy to see why you are a winner!

  • That is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Very lovely and so intricate, Bet it took a long time to do.

    years ago did one of an owl that drove me lupey, i kept throwing it in the bin, then getting it out again.

    At the moment i have a doctor who and the Tardis on the go but finding all that blue boring.

    Thank to foggy i have a new project to start, But must finish at least of those already on the go first.

    Keep stitching and ill stitch and crochet depending on the mood im in. :p


  • Beautiful. Show with pride marvelous work.

  • Jackie, that's beautiful, I'm not surprised it won!

    I hope you're story will inspire many others to take up a hobby like yours, it's such a great distraction from our fibro-woes.

    Personally, when I'm feeling low I do some baking. When I'm in pain and I keep looking at housework that I don't feel up to doing, a nice coffee and walnut cake makes me feel like I've done something positive.

    Maybe I can add it to Ginseng's picnic feast???

  • i love cross stitch too, over the years i have had to adapt, i now use a frame and stitch a lot slower as i have to stop to ease my back normally, for some reason it doesnt make my hands hurt as much as other activities. but your pic is stunning, i have her too do

    it is great to have something we can still do, that is so important when other things are lost too us

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely comments she only took me 6 weeks to do but that is because i have no other life most of the time and if i am enjoying stitching something then I just focus on it. My thumb is giving me more trouble at the moment so i have had to slow down a little but it gives me pain if i don't stitch i have had surgery on both thumbs because of arthritis i used to knit but cant do it anymore so i have managed to adapt to the right equipment to enable me to do this its been a bit of trial and error but i have made some very good friends on Facebook who have let me try out different things and it encourages me to stitch when you see their beautiful pieces of work and getting lovely comments also helps. I am now stitching another piece by the same designer called The Raven Queen and am loving it so far. Finished my last one a couple of weeks ago its now waiting to be framed and i think its one of my favourites. I think anyone with health problems like ours should try and find a hobby they can do as it does help with the mental side of things as i say it keeps me sane and keeps me focused on something rather than pain and depression. :)

  • Stunning piece Jackie! I agree with you when you say hobbies help shift your focus - I have been creative since I was very young, I remember making hair scrunchies for my friends at primary school. I dabble in lots of different crafts including cross stitch, card making, scrapbooks and patchwork. At the moment, I am cross stitching Christmas jumper designs. I started now so they should be ready in time!

  • oh wow that's gorgeous x

  • A lovely piece of work, Jackie. I particularly love the beadwork. I've got osteoarthritis as well as fibro, too - my thumb joints are a particular problem - so I know how difficult it can be to produce work like this. I'm crocheting at the moment and have plans to try some patchwork.

    I agree with you that having a hobby to focus on helps a great deal. Well done you and take care.x

  • You are sooooo talented, I love to crochet 🌷

  • Hi Jackie, I have just logged into Health Unlocked, the 1st for a very long time. Last year was a very bad year as i had 2 major ops which sorta changed my life for past year. I have read your previous posts and am really sorry @ the change in your personal life. Unfortunately I am now going through the same thing, I recently found out my husband was having an affair , the result being he is moving out in a couple weeks. I hope you are now recovering from this major upheaval.

    Your crosstitch is beautiful ... I love doing craft work but don't seem to have time for much at the moment , My whole time is used up with trying to get my house back into order.... and then sleeping because I have overdone i !! of which I am sure you know the feeling! lol

    Wishing you well


  • Very nice looks like Cleopatra a bit very elegant. Ld31

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