FAQ - Can you explain who moderates the community plus the difference between Fibromyalgia Action UK HU Team & HealthUnlocked please?

HealthUnlocked are a company that provides this community platform to a large number of organisations and works to arrange links with NHS Choices, etc. They also provide communities for many charities to enable them to provide information to their members about their health condition and any other advice they can signpost them too, ie Citizen Advice Bureau, Patient Advice & Liaison Service etc.

You can find out more about HealthUnlocked here;


We, Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) are a charity working to raise awareness of Fibro in the UK & we have a wealth of information on our website for people living with Fibromyalgia


The FMAUK.HU Admin Team is made up of representatives from FMAUK and volunteer Admins who have been asked to help moderate the community usually long standing members. All have been interviewed for the volunteer positions in question.

Meet the team here> healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

The FMAUK.HU Admin team is supported by FMAUK.HU Volunteers which are also usually members or followers of the charity who have offered to help.

Members with FMAUK next to their Username are people who either work for or volunteer for the charity in another role as well. Current all helping out here in this community do so on a voluntary basis (unlike many of the charities on the HU platform which have paid staff to help with moderating), with lives to lead and many of us with Fibro ourselves.

Whilst HU provide the platform for this community, technical support, some support to Admins and community support to help with handling clinical emergencies or spammers, the community is run by the whole FMAUK.HU Team

The HU team sometimes gets involved to help out, but in essence the FMAUK.HU team are still in charge of running the community. If a post is Reported, both the FMAUK.HU Admin team and the HU team are alerted. This is so that the HU team can remove spam or content that could be clinically dangerous if needed when a FMAUK.HU Admin is not available.

Th FMAUK.HU Admin team have the ability to edit or delete posts, restrict members if necessary and add new polls. We cannot access Messages not sent to or by ourselves and we cannot delete member accounts.

The HU team are the only ones that can ban a member or delete their account (other than the member deleting their account themselves). The HU team have the ability to access Messages, but DO NOT ever access Messages unless they have explicit permission from one of the members involved in the message to read them.

For example, if a member reports that they have been sent abusive Messages, HU could access the Message with the permission of the member making the Report in order to take a copy for further action to be taken to either restrict or ban one or both members.

Here's a post about abusive comments and/or private messages and how to deal with them;


If you have technical queries about the site you can either click help on the green bar or for future reference should you have trouble accessing the site you can email them using support@healthunlocked.com

I hope this helps explain the way the partnership works

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Co-ordinator


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