FAQ - Can you explain the differences between FMAUK Community Admin & HealthUnlocked (HU) please?

FAQ - Can you explain the differences between FMAUK Community Admin & HealthUnlocked (HU) please?

Welcome to FMAUK Community :)

HealthUnlocked are a company that provides this community platform to a large number of organisations and many communities are linked to the NHS Choices website for patients to access.

The communities enable charities to provide information to their members about health condition/s and any other advice they can signpost towards ie Citizen Advice Bureau, Patient Advice & Liaison Service etc.

You can find out more about HealthUnlocked here;


If you are experiencing technical difficulties please see link below



We, Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) are a charity working to raise awareness of Fibro in the UK & we have a wealth of information on our website for people living with Fibromyalgia, which can be found below;

The FMAUK Community Admin is made up of representatives from FMAUK (Staff Members) and Volunteer Community Admins who have been asked to help moderate the community. All have been interviewed for the volunteer positions in question and many live with Fibromyalgia themselves.

Find out about FMAUK Community Admins here>


HU provide the platform for this community, technical support, support to Community Admins and help with spammers/trolls.However the Community Admin run the community on a daily basis handling enquiries, breaches within the community and providing general support.

Reported Posts

If a post is Reported, both the FMAUK Community Admin and the HU team are alerted by email. This is so that the HU team can remove spam or content that is breaking HU guidelines.

The FMAUK Community Admin have the ability to edit or delete posts, restrict members if necessary and add new polls. We cannot access any private messages not sent to or by ourselves and we cannot delete member accounts from all the HU platforms. We can restrict members for a temporary period or permanently.

HU are the only people who that can permanent ban a member or delete their account (other than the member deleting their account themselves). They HU team also have the ability to access Private Messages, but DO NOT ever access these unless they have a reason to read them. For example, if a member reports that they have been sent abusive messages. HU could access the message in order to take a copy and take further action to delete any HU accounts of users found to be breaching guidelines.

How do I report a post?

If you need to report a post, please follow the link below for more information;


What do I do if another member is being abusive in posts, messages and comments?

If you need help to deal with abuse on the HU site or via private message

, please see link below;


I hope this helps explain the way the partnership works

Best Wishes

Emma :)


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