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Has anyone been Rewarded!!!

I have been for my PIP assessment today, a very nice man to be fare.... Asked my the questions all to do with what I had already filled in, Just wanted a long winded version and to assess my mobility. I will know the answer in 6-8 weeks it all in their hands now. My question in how many people have come from DLA and been awarded PIP or just claim for PIP and got it... So my bad press im looking for the Positive please

Thanks Lrain :)

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I have not been through anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting an award, good luck!


my friend has M.E and FMS and she claimed and got awarded pip without being examined even, she just had a phone q and a because assessor was ill and couldn't get there, so yes its possible, I think long winded is the way to go so they have every detail possible. Good luck. x


Hi I applied for pip and was awarded it without any problems after a home visit.The lady who came to see me was an Occupational Therapist and she said that it sounds like I have ME and Fribo which I hadn't even put on the form.So not everyone has horror stories .Also they were really quick to reply.

Hope yours goes well Carol


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