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Savella for Fibro

My doctor recently prescribed my savella for my fibro. I have not been able to take it yet because the insurance does not want to cover it. My question is has anyone ever taken it and does it help and what are some of the side effects that i have to watch out for. I have read that there are some bad side effects with this medication.

He also prescribed celebrex and wanted to know if this is going to help better than taking ibprofen, aleve and other anti inflammatory meds.

I have been taking baclofen also it was prescribed 3x a day but it makes me tired so i have only been taking it at bedtime. Should i be taking it 3x a day to get the full effect.

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I take Celebrex and it seems to some. I also take a few other things though.


I take bacloflen, and its taken away the spasms I get in hips and back... I take as needed, not to prevent.. I mean, if I know I'll be walking alot etc

I also take lyrica, for yrs, so I'm used to the sleepiness

Good luckj

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I have never taken this and I am so genuinely sorry to read that your insurance is an issue with your medication. I am presuming that you are in the US? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



I take Cymbalta. My Rheum wanted me to take it and insurance refused. I went to GP and he put me on Effexor (HORRIBLE). When that failed and he reported to insurance that other drugs had failed, they IMMEDIATELY prescribed the Cymbalta. I took Savella, but can't remember why I quit taking it. It probably didn't help. Good luck!!


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