Off now for three days I should be πŸ˜€ but I feel πŸ˜’πŸ˜°πŸ˜–πŸ˜΄ how I long for a day when I get up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. I have got myself showered dressed and put make up on with the intention of wandering around the shops but I have lost interest in everything 😑 I will have to force myself out of the house or the alternative is to curl up on settee watching TV I feel another day will be wasted with this terrible affliction . Sorry peeps feeling sorry for myself 😱

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  • There is nothing wrong feeling sorry for yourself when you feel so awful. It's frustrating when you've worked hard, you've got days off that you've looked forward to only to feel so bad all you want to do is sleep!! All I can say is that I empathise with you. It's such a frustrating horrible illness.

    If you have a day of resting properly today you may feel up to going into town tomorrow.

    Sift hugs, Becky. Xx

  • Thanks Becky x

  • Wow! That's such a powerful poem. Thanks for posting it.

    I feel a bit like you at the moment. I've been poorly for so long, first pneumonia, then an awful rash, then a dreadful adverse reaction to steroids and that's all within the last 6 weeks. On top of very painful Fibro I'm feeling like it's finished me off.

    I think it's ok for us to feel sorry for ourselves so long as we don't let it develop into depression.

    I feel your pain. I'm sorry I can't help but I'm sending you a gentle hug and positive vibes your way. If you'd like to chat pm me anytime.

    Thinking of you

    Lu xx

  • Thanx lu x

  • I can imagine a really horrible scary dark creature saying that poem... Stuff that gives you nightmares!

  • Yep me too but emotive x

  • Life is cruel Lara

  • Too right it is Erona4πŸ˜–x

  • I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read that you are feeling down at this time and I want to genuinely wish you all the best.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Err. ..I found this a very negative and therefore unhelpful 'poem'.....let's look at what WE CAN do to help ourselves live more calmly and cooperatively with this Fibro illness....I disagree strongly with the fatalistic line "you will have no control"....not true. We don't help ourselves by thinking like this. why not ask yourself today 'what one thing could I do to help myself today? ' and then do it......I guarantee you will start to feel better as a result! All best.

  • That's why we are all unique stompedok and are all entitled to our own opinions that's what makes the world go round x

  • I'm with you Stumpdoc.

    This is a very well-written and insightful poem - it accurately reflects the suffering and struggles that we fibromites faced on a daily basis, but.........

    Whilst I have come to accept that I have a life-limiting illness, I intend to do as much as I'm able to, without making my symptoms worse.

    I wasn't diagnosed until I completely crashed and so I'm having to take little, slow steps to gain any control on my symptoms. I realise that some people have multiple, chronic, disabling symptoms and I'm lucky enough to still have my mobility. On this site I've read postings by people who are really suffering but who are also inspirational in the way the carry our their daily battles.

    Prehaps the poem should end with something inspirational like "Every journey begins with a single step.." (a line I've plagerised from somebody clever!)

  • Thanks maggi999 for the vote of confidence.....what I genuinely thought was a constructive and optimistic suggestion obviously 'bombed' with some. For myself i want things that 'lift' me up not send me down.....but at the end of the day it's personal and an individual hard feelings folks . All best

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