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Further tests

The last time I spoke to you (about 3 months ago) I had just had it confirmed by a rheumatologist that I had fibro but also had ligaments trapped in my shoulder joints I have since had a scan which showed the ligaments were badly torn and so I have to have an operation. I also had a stress test done on my heart (kept getting pains in my chest especially when stressed) this test has come back abnormal so I now have to have an angiogram on Friday. I am not worried about the test itself but am bricking it because you have to lay still for 40 mins this will put me in a lot of pain! Any suggestions?

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The first thing is RELAX. It is not worth stressing, it solves nothing and makes you more tense and that aggravates fibro.

Make sure you have taken all of your painkillers before you go for your angiogram. Explain your condition and stress your concerns about keeping still. The nurses will be very good about keeping you informed and it is in their interests that you are comfortable to enable the test to go ahead.

I have had this done, albeit many years ago, so I can only give you my personal experience. To be honest I was very interested in what was going on which made me less nervous. I was able to see the procedure on the screen, the doctor explained what he was doing next and the time went quite quickly.

The worst part was laying fairly still afterwards whilst the nurse applied pressure to the groin area to allow the artery to recover and the wound to clot. I was allowed to have a bit of a fidget with my neck, arms and the other leg. The nurse was reassuring, struck up a conversation and repeatedly asked if I was okay. After about half an hour I was taken to the day room to rest further.

I was given a hot drink and biscuits, allowed to sit up and went home after a few hours. (You will need to be collected as you can't drive or use public transport.)

I was a bit achy for a day or to but nothing untoward.

You will be fine, just think this is just a means to an end, which is getting your shoulders working properly.

Hope this helps.


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I would explain your concerns to them and ask if there is anything that they could give you along the lines of a muscle relaxant or sedative? They may be able to accommodate you if you explain the situation fully?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your angiogram on Friday.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Same happened to me its the fibro trust me x


The two things I have tried are anxiety medicine during the procedure with visualization. I try to imagine a place where I have not had stress at.


Thank you for your advise and I will certainly talk to the nurse prior to the procedure as I don't want them to think I'm just another awkward patient that doesn't want to lay still! You are all very kind to take the time to answer my concerns I'm very grateful


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