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Hi guys, I wanted to know if anyone else is taking MST Morphine slow release tablets, how often an what does age. Also the same for Oramorph?

I am on 30mg morning and night of MST and oramorph 5mg up Tto 4 times a day and it vanishes before repeat prescription.

Just want to know, if it is a lot, normal or high. I have fibro. RLS and several bulging discs in my neck. Thanks for your help.

Patrick x

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  • I'm not taking slow release morphene but did have the same problem with some of my meducation that was a variable dose vanishing before repeat prescription due. It seems that you only get prescribed half the maximum dose - this is standard so you might want to ask your doctor to increase the quantity dispensed on your repeat. I asked and my doctor did it (wasn't keen though)

    I decided to go down the route of Butrans patches rather than slow release morphene myself and have started on a low dose to see if I can tolerate them. This is because my doctor talked me out of the slow release morphene by suggesting the patches may be less problematic for side effects. I'm fine with them and now looking to increase the dose and stop some of my Tramadol and hopefully won't need to take the morphene tablets/oramorph for breakthrough pain as often.

    Maybe something to think about if you are using the oramorph every day at the full prescribed dose.

    Hope this helps

    Clare xxx

  • Hi Patrick,

    Your pain killers are similar to mine. I too have this problem that the quick release inevitavbly get used up before end of month.

    I do try to use paracetamol they are excellent on topping up when back/verterbrae pain is bad.

    When I manage a good run I save the meds for incase situations.

    Good luck - dDoctor perhaps the main pills need adjustment


  • Yes I always keep a little back up of every thing but the quick release is what I always run out of not much but 1 to 2 weeks worth every two months. I am on 750ml every two months just trying to get a feel what others are on as don't want to be labeled as drug seeking!

    regards Patrick x

  • I am on morphine slow release, I have been on it for several years, I am on 100mg twice a day and take up to 4 of the boosters oramorph 10mg tabs, I have Fibro, osteoporosis and spinal probs, have had fusion through front and through back, flexible stabilization and now have a spinal cord stimulator implanted in to spinal column. Life can seem pretty bleak cant it!

    Maybe u need to slightly increase the mst, I was on 180 a day before spinal cord stimulator just be wary of going to high, having said that I would not be able to get out of bed without it, hope this helps xx

  • Thank you so much for your input, you certainly have a lot to deal with. The DRs seem to like to up the MST long acting but I like the control of the short but quick oramorph when ended as some times I dont. Only side effect I see is the sickly sweet taste. I know the addictive element but if it gives relief to continuous chronic pain it's worth it

    Patrick x

  • I'm not sure if I'm on the same as you are all on? I take shortec 30mg up to 4 times a day if required, plus paracetamol and/or ibruphen too. Oramorphine never had any effect on me at all, 10ml at a time = nothing??

    Any suggestions, I suffer from Cronin fibromyalgia all 18 points effected now just awful. Lost my job etc

  • Supposed 10ml oramorph has no effect on you. I have built up a tolerance to most Meds but that would greatly help me within ten mins.

    Thanks for reply lot tie have you tied Tramadol ?

    Regards Patrick x

  • Hi Patrick,

    For some reason the GP won't give me Tramadol. Not sure why? I can have morphine but no Tramadol

  • Hi Lottie, how strange? It's usually the other way around? I am very cynical about which drug companies DRs use and what pay back they get.

    There are no NICE guidelines yet for fibro, promised for 2016. These are a national treatment plan for DRs to follow as best practice for treatment. I think Tramadol will be on the list of prescriptions recommended for pain. Some people they have a small affect on like me, but my wife takes just one turns into a zombie and falls asleep! Recently they upped the category it is in but much weaker than morphine. Perhaps ask why he won't? Tramodol are supposed to be non or far less addictive than opioids. Another option is co-codrymydol not as strong a mixture of codeine and paracetamol. There are a number of patches but I know nothing about them. Starting pain clinic in two months will find out then, I think I would like to replace MST for a patch to take pressure of my gut but keep Oramorph for those really bad days.

    Regards Patrick

  • Thanks Dan had not heard of it before. I know there are two different strengths of Oramorph. I think the second is for post op.

  • I'm wondering why my GP now will only give me Shortec I suppose it's cheaper, it's all about saving money, I take 30mg every 4 hrs if required.

  • What? Shortec is stronger than morphine? Wow didn't know that!

  • I think the best idea is to speak to your doctor. they could maybe try you on lyrica or gabapentin, tramadol is very good for fibro, sometimes morphine doesn't always help, but like I say see gp and maybe get referral to pain clinic, good luck x

  • Thanks dilllydally1, I have tried both of them and they don't agree with me. The MEDs I am on work but just wanted to know others dosage 😊

  • Not sure what you mean by structural issues but you must have been in an awful lot of pain Dan for that high dosage. I really hope things are more manageable for you now, cheers Patrick.

  • Thanks Dan I comprehend now! 😊 I have two bulging discs in my neck and have been operated on lower back previously.


  • Thanks Dan,

    I had not actually thought of doing it that route before, as you say much easier to keep stock of. As I usually run out a week to ten days over a two month period.

    Thanks very much for that 😊


  • Hi,I was put on morphine MST slow release 5mg by the pain clinic. First couple of weeks were good but now its just taking the edge of the pain.However I seem to be on a very low dose compared to you.

  • Hi, they will start you on a low dose and increase it if you still have pain or indeed reduce it if you get to a point where you feel like a zombie. This has literally taken years for me and my GP and hospital team to try different drugs and dosages! If pain still bad go back to Dr and discuss this with them. But they will always but you on the lowest dose first and work from there. It saves on side effects too!

    Regards Patrick

  • Thanks I will go back to the g.p.xx

  • I do not take anything like this but I wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with yours.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hi Ken,

    Thank you for your kind words. The way I look at it is this is what I need at this moment in time but my long term ideal would be to be Meds free or few as possible.

    Thanks for Administrating such a friendly and informative site.

    Best wishes Patrick

  • Hi,I just thought I would share this with you, I have a new GP my old one retired and was quite happy for me to keep popping different meds. I have tried them all believe me,all the meds for pain just take the edge off doesn't go completely,in fact I now believe they make you feel worse. My new doctor tells me what I already know there is no cure and no magic pill to ease our pain. He has taken me off my night time med trazadone because I was on fluoxetine and taken me off tramadol.l now just take cocodamol for pain and I can have paracetamol in between for breakthrough pain. I must admit I wasn't very pleased at first,but I am getting through the withdrawals from the trazadone just keep having night sweats that keep waking me up,and also I have not been taking the fluoxetine.

    In the long run I would like to be med free and just cope with the pain as and when. I have noticed that a lot of the meds we all use cause a lot of side effects which mostly include pain in the joints and muscles so there fore not doing us any favours.

    I also heard on the TV one morning that doctors get paid more each time they prescribe meds.

    At the moment I am going to stick with it, I am no worse for coming of these meds so we shall see. Good luck and good health to everyone in the group, I am also going to try and get back in the gym not been for a couple of months. Gentle hugs

    Diane x

  • Well done Dianne! I would love to follow your path but the thought of coming off my strong painkillers terrifies me at the moment. Perhaps once I have been to the pain clinic and sorted the bulging discs in my neck I will make a plan.

    Thank you so much for your input and showing what's possible.

    Regards Patrick x

  • Hi Patrick, just thought I would let you know I am back on my pain killers not good at all really suffering. I have not been to the gym in weeks, I hurt my knee at aqua fit lol but I do have arthritis in the knee,waiting for hospital appointment for possible knee replacement. I am taking fluoxetine as I am finding it hard to cope at the moment. I really think there is nothing out there for us like the doctors say we just have to live with it sometimes easier said than done we just do the best we can. I hope you are alright and not suffering too much. If the pills help I shall continue some relief is better than none. Hugs Diane

  • Hi Dianne,

    Thank you so much for sending me an update. I was in a grumpy withdrawn state today! I thought aqua aerobics was supposed to be a gentile sport!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I think your wise staying away from the gym as it does not sound like exercise would help at all.

    I take duluxotiene which must be similar to what you have been prescribed. I also have MST, cocomydol and oramorph for breakthrough pain so I can control my pain with that lot but the tiredness and lethargy are unwelcome side effects.

    I am waiting for a pain clinic for bulging discs in my neck, I already do some exercises and stretching. We can see what they say but these are years old injuries! I have heard you see an Anethatist who can offer acupuncture or injections into the area.

    I would personally take all the relief you can get, no need to be in pain. Pill free is the ideal but we have to be practical about it!

    Have they said how long a wait until they sort your knee? I've heard they are far more advanced at doing this procedure, just plenty of rest afterwards.

    Great to hear from you, keep in touch.

    Gentle hugs Patrick

    Ps No going out dancing for a while! 😆

  • Hi Patrick I have only just seen your reply, I am still waiting for a appointment for the hospital, still suffering every thing seems to be getting worse. Pain killers are not working so I am in constant pain.

    How are you at the moment I hope you are having better days.I have never been to a and that is you must be thinking of some one else. I am going to see the doctor on Monday to let her know I am fed up of waiting,and fed up of all this pain. You take care Patrick hugs from Diane

  • Hi Dianne!

    I finally have an outpatients Appointment on Fith of October about bulging discs in neck. It was like pulling teeth from Doc as everything is put down to fibromyalgia! I hope you get your Knee appointment soon. I'm starting to feel I'm on a roundabout explains my pain to different health proffesionals again and again. They all have their personal opinions and as their are no set rules an regulations that doo what they think may work! This needs seriously addressing an a NICE medical set of standard procedure set down for Fibro.

    One thing I have found fairly recently is a natural product called caspian cream. Because it is do strong it still needs to be presciped. A pea sized bit rubbed into my neck, shoulders or knees tingles for five mis then settee to a warm glow for hours of relief. Maybe ask your Dr. Have to put on with latex gloves or wash hands two or three times. Not for any cuts or personal bits. But when things are bad this with oramoph and rest is the best coping mechanism for me!

    Hope you are having some good days, the weather hasn't helped.

    Bright Blessings of hope and health


  • Hi I take 60mgs of Zomorph which is morphine.I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night with no after effects.I was a little sleepy when I first took them but ok now.So no need to worry about it.I have fibromyalgia and cervical stenosis.xx

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