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Throat and Gland Problems

Does anyone else suffer from throat or glad problems?

I've always had problems with my throat and glads but for the past 8 months my left tonsil is about 5 times bigger then it should be an my neck is swollen on that same side.

At first doctors thought I had glandular fever or mumps but the Vampires blood results came back negative and the doctors don't understand it.

Its just achy and annoying really and stops me from singing.

Is swollen glads and throat problems a Fibro symptom?

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ive had a constant sore throat for years but not sure if its a fibro symptom.


I know I have done too much when my glands swell up and my throat feels sore. The next day I will be drained of energy and hurt more.


I have had throat and gland problems for past 17 years and it gets bad when I do too much. It may be one of the 3 triggers noted for fibro (an infection that has never fully gone)


I suffer from sore throats all the time, there is nothing my doctor can do to help, i just use one of those sore throat sprays from over the counter in the pharmacy they seem to help the best. I would say i get it every two weeks or if i overdo it, i always know i have done too much because i get a sore throat its my bodys way of telling me to stop even when my fibro is screaming 50 miles further back!


Hi, I believe that sore throats are a symptom of FMS. I have them constantly and the swabs come back negative. I have also looked at Lupus which is very similar to Fibro and that is one of their symptoms. I have asked for Lupus tests. We can't just go on suffering with symptoms and no one being able to combat them and help us....annoying to say the least!!!

I have found throat sprays ( echinachea) is great!!x


I will have to try it. Every time I complain about it to my doctor they dont understand it as tests always come back negative and we've tried antibiotics which do nothing. I was tested for Lupus originally while being diagnosed with fibro, that came back negative too.


I'm not sure this is really a Fibro thing, though reflux, ME, TMJ and autoimmune conditions could cause this kind of symptom and people with Fibro can have those as well.

Make sure various infections are ruled out. If your throat, mouth and eyes typically feel dry, make sure you get specifically tested for Sjogrens Syndrome.


I've got a lumpy neck, last year I had a brief throat infection and the glands in my neck stayed for about six months, they were fairly obvious too.


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