FAQ - How do I tag another member within a post or comment?

FAQ - How do I tag another member within a post or comment?

Welcome to FMA UK community! :)

HealthUnlocked have the facility where you can tag a member within a post that may be of interest to them or within a comment/reply on the main board.

Please follow the link on how to do this below;


If would like to know how to use a certain function/facility within the community, HU have a very helpful help centre as most of the articles include demonstrations too. To find the 'Help' section, please look at the White bar at the top of the site and it can be found to the right of the Bell (notifications symbol).

The direct link to the 'help' centre can also be found here: support.healthunlocked.com/

If you need any further assistance, please using the private message facility to contact an Admin within the FMA UK community. Please see links below on how to do this;

How to find the Admin for each community


How to use the Private Message Facility


Hope this helps

Emma :)


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Updated: 28th August 2017

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