Feeling slightly better

Feeling slightly better

Started to feel slightly better the sickness has settled down to about 4 times a day over the last 2 days with my Lansoprazole 30mg doubled, Domerperidone Anti Sickness tablets and Gaviscon 3 times daily on top of my normal medications. Doctor has signed me off work for 3 weeks to see if settles, also got an urgent referral to consultant for 18th. The good thing is no more blood so slightly on the mend, still very little voice. Just need to start to build up my energy levels. Still not able to eat much but suppose appetite will return eventually feeling a little more positive. My pains with being off my anti inflammatory medication is surprisingly not too bad. So bearing up. Doctor still unsure if it is another viral infection that has attacked my immune system again suppose will just have to wait and see

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  • So glad you seem to be turning the corner and feeling slightly better. As the sickness recedes hopefully your appetite will return and with it your energy.

    Keep us informed of your progress and how you get on on the 18th I bet it can't come around soon enough.x

  • So pleased you are feeling a little better and that you are being taken good care of, I hope you continue to improve. xx

  • Hi, missed original post, but there is a condition called cyclical vomiting syndrome, if this has happened regular, might be worth checking it out.

    Glad your feeling a bit better anyways, x

  • It was your post that spurred me to write this post. healthunlocked.com/fibroact...

    Best Wishes, Ray

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