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Occupational therapist

Hi I Have been to see an occupational therapist yesterday. He was lovely, listened to me and obviously understood. He asked me what I had difficulty with, the answer was endless. He suggested that they had a group session which enables people to try various devices, such as things to open bottles, before buying them. Which I thought was good.

I have osteoarthritis which as many know, affects your every day activities. Getting dressed or lifting a kettle, or even opening a bottle of water is a problem.

He also advised me to pace my life, try to my shopping online, and even suggested cleaning helps for my job, as I work as a cleaner.

Over all he was great, just sitting on a comfortable seat and talking to somebody who understands is what I needed this week. Even though trying to pace your life when, I have four grandchildren, and a 93 year old mother to look after is not easy. Also this week my son,s wife has had a cancer operation which which is worrying.

Anyway this is my moans for the day

Love this site

Karen xxx

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Glad you had a productive meeting. It makes all the difference to our mood and well-being when a health professional takes the time to listen to and validate our concerns. I hope that your daughter-in-law makes a good recovery and that you get positive news. X



Your meeting sounded very useful for you.

I hope your daughter in law's operation went well and that she is ok.

Hugs xx


Hi, Karan ..., Glad you had such a lovely meeting with the Occupational Therapist. one of our daughters has her Master's Degree as an OT. She is a very gentle, soft spoken, warm and helpful


(Oh, sorry, hit some key) ... married, young mother of three. She is very patient, and her personality is well suited to her chosen profession. I am so proud of her, and delighted that she has chosen something that is so helpful to people with difficulties such as Fibromyalgia and many other related diseases. (I just wanted to express how proud we are for just a moment ... Thanks for letting me do so!)

Now, also wishing your daughter-in-law all the best in her recovery, and skill and discernment for the physicians and others caring for her in this most difficult time. Take care of yourself ~ there are rough days ahead, I am sure.


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