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Hi guys just looking to see if anybody can help me with this one. I have done an allergy test sent away hair sample a couple of weeks ago got it back and been told eggs are a no no so is wheat flour also intolerance in my gut with cellulose x x so does all of these combined mean glutton intolarent x x please help ???????? I am now wondering if all these things have a lot to do with pain x x thanks guys I know how supportive you guys are and you always bring me out of that dark place . when I am working I love getting foggy,s pictures of the day and just the general chat its grill x x hello to all new people x x soft hugs to everybody x x x

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Hello, sorry you are going through this problem, I suggest you see your GP to get allergy testing done simply because it is more thorough and you can discuss the problem fully, many of us with fibro have sensitivities to different things and keeping a food diary is also a good indicator of what these may be. I hope you get answers soon. Lou x


Totally agree with Lou, also was it an official allergy testing place or one of these companies that advertise allergies testing, because they are not all that accurate unfortunately!!

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Hi Zita71

It's best to get testing done by hospital via gp as 'other' tests are usually unreliable or not even authentic. Hope you get sorted soon. Take care.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that, however I do agree with the others as some of these home testing kits are not that reliable. I would definitely discuss the results with your GP and see what testing they can offer you.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Your GP should be able to arrange for a simple blood test to show whether you are gluten intolerant he arranged one for me. I think it is always better to get advice if you are thinking about cutting a whole food group out of your diet.

My friend who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease has been like a new person since she has cut out gluten but she was properly dignosed by a specialist. She says it was a nightmare at first reading all the labels but it is now second nature to her.x


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