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Hi everyone, come the evening does anyone else find there symptoms worsen? Mine really do :-( it's so frustrating.... The pain just increases so much, achy heavy limbs and even with med's it's still horrible. Is this the way for other's? Don't get me wrong throughout the day I can feel it but come 6 - 7 it just knocks me off my feet.

Thank you for reading :-) and I hope your all not smothered by the fibro monster x

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I have just typed all this and then hit posts instead of send.

My monster is sleeping at the moment and i dont want him to wake up until after my little holiday. He will eventually wake up and boy will i suffer. :)

I think that we feel worse at night simply because after fighting to be, or to appear normal all day by tea time we have run out of energy and weapons to fight with, so the monster starts winning. :O

There is not much that we can do except take it easy and if possible get an early night. :)

Gentle hugs sue.


Oh I hope it doesn't come to soon! Have a lovely holiday :-) and thank u for replying x


Hi Keeleybee

I seem to suffer worse in the evenings. It seems to happen when I get to sit and rest. Resting is fine, its when I need to get up, everything hurts like all my muscles. It's quite bad recently. Now wondering whether to finally get referred back to the Rheumatologist.


I'm the same :-( horrible isn't it been suffering quite bad for a few weeks hoping it will calm down soon. I'm back at doctor's next week think I need different med's?

Thank you for replying x



I agree with Sue. I battle through the day pretending to be ok and refuse to go and lie on my bed however much I want to.

I keep on pushing myself until I virtually drop. I have no (evening) social life so by 8pm I'm in bed, invariably with a hot water bottle. I read, watch catch up t.v., YouTube etc until I feel tired enough to try to sleep.

I was working full time up until 2 years ago, so still haven't got used to not going to work. I hate the strangers that say to me "aren't you lucky. I wish I could have the summer off" or whatever they come out with. Lucky isn't quite the word I'd associate myself with 😁

I somehow managed to cook dinner and then collapsed onto my bed over an hour ago now. I tried to play a game on my phone and couldn't even hold my hand up long enough to play because it ached/hurt so much. Talk about feel pathetic.

Sorry for the moan, my pain has reached new heights today.

The Fibro Monster has well and truly eaten me up and spat me out 😁

Lu xx


Oh blue mermaid don't you worry moan away :-) I'm the same in bed early watch tv or read with my best friend Mr water bottle LOL :-)

those people of course are stupid and have no idea what this life is like! People look at me gone out when I say oh god iv got to wash and blowdry mine and Niamhs hair - simple task exhausts me... They just have no idea.

You got any med's that will knock you out so you can get some rest? I shall be taking mine very soon so I can sleep... The cocodamol don't seem to work just lately - pain pain go away come bback another day :-( x


It's so lovely when people understand. I've been on here most of the day. I'm a touch typist - showing my age! So can type away without too much effort.

Unfortunately none of my meds knock me out.

My son asked me yesterday whether I ever sleep! He hears me getting up in the night. I'm often downstairs at 2am wandering around rather than lying in bed wide awake.

Right moan over. Bedie byes for me.

Start all over again tomorrow 😁

Try to sleep well xx


Hi Lu,

I'm exactly the same as you!! In bed watch TV, read or play on my iPad.

Even my clothes hurt me!

I cry nearly every day.

Lost my job, they said I was at risk working in the office using my sticks.

Since not working I'm much worse everything hurts me all the time, I cry with the pain, nothing takes it away.'re not alone, I'm exactly the same, even have same name!

Lucy (Lu)


Hi Lu

This is going to get confusing 😊

My old boss was desperate to sack me due to genuine time off work sick. I had a simple operation that went horribly wrong and was in hospital for 3 weeks in a very bad way.

I ended up going back to work before I should have done because I was worried about losing my job.

I'd already had time off due to a nervous meltdown.

I seem to be in tears most days too.

I'm ready for the skip 😳

Lu xx


Night, hope you get some rest :-)

Put wavesounds in youtube nice and relaxing.



I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are worse in the evenings and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. Personally, I do not have a set time of day when my symptoms are worse, they just come and go whenever they feel like it.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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