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Feeling low

Hi every one I'm feeling a bit down I got some very bad news this evening, my brother that I haven't seen in a long time has motor neurone disease,I don't know how long he has had it or how bad it is, but it's made me think iv got fibro,he has MND, what's next. they say it comes in 3s. & I'm worried Iv been given the wrong diagnosis is it possible. .

Lizzie 57

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Sorry you are feeling so low and for the news you have received of your Brother, you say you have not seen him for a long time, for whatever reason now would be a good time to get in touch and maintain contact, in my time I have seen people with so many regrets over lost contact with family, you don't mention any rift in your relationship. As for your own concerns of possible misdiagnosis you really need to see your GP and discuss this. All best wishes. Lou x

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Hi Lizzie57

How sad for your brother that he has MND. Are you able to find out more about how long he's had it. I expect you have your reasons for not being in touch with him but perhaps you might both be glad of each others comfort at such a difficult time. Understandably you're concerned about your diagnosis of fibro, so make an appointment to see your gp and mention your brothers' condition. It's easy for me to say, but please don't get all worried about it as it won't help you. Instead, try to keep a positive outlook on things and talk to those who love you about your fears, or to us fellow fibromites. G.. b.... x


I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read that, and I genuinely feel for your brother, yourself and families. It cannot be easy I am certain, and nothing I can say will change anything but I genuinely want to offer you all my support and best wishes.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I am so sorry to hear about your brother Sweety. U have had some great advice already. I would recommend though that it's a Rheumatologist with Fibro interests that double check your diagnosis. The whole point of checking something is to have it checked by someone else. Less mistake this way. GPS ate exactly that. General Practitioners. Each has thereon experiences, knowledge and interest. And their shortcomings. Mine is great with depression but useless at fibro

The Rheumatologist is the specialist. Some gp don't have any post grad experience at all!! Just what they learned. Some are very independent and expand their knowledge and skills invitation time. Some just shadow and copy their Consultants. They do 6 months rotations only per speciality (and hospitalsas well I seem to remember). As to waiting for a 3rd bad luck, how many things has ever come in threes in Ur life sp far regularly, guy or bad, so u can definitely tell yourself this will happen. The chances are far less than not. Why not spend your time making good memories with Ur brother if u can. It will be something both of you can look back on when you are older and not so able anymore. Just like you now have the memories of your childhood. Your grief is normal. Ur family and friends have lost part of the health of Ur brother. It is a lost. So u grieve. For a while. It is normal. It shows u care. Now what do u want to expand this grief into? Fear of the unknown. Unless u know a reliable fortune teller! Or living a life worth living? For u and Ur brother? I hope I have helped u see Ur situation from a different perspective u r in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings always. In whatever for or degree they choose to take. <3

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