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Work related interview(interrogation)

Hi had a call from someone trying to be all kissy kissy from DWP other day about Universal credit!

Said could i come in on a day x said i'd prefer to(Can't deal with phone or radio these days as just ends up sounding like a noise or fry my brain as just can't take things in have to do at my pace) He did say could do over the phone if had to i did say what is going on now and been found since he read out things they had on file about my health.

Anyway got a letter with "my personal adviser" and goes on about paid work and support/training(which disappears the moment you cross the going to work line!)

but no sure what training they can give me etc as my hands are packing up as esp since been on the Tgels my hands/pains there have gone bad lose us of right hand now if typing on keyboard repeatedly just goes totally dead and very painful forearm pressure points are like been beaten with a hammer.

It also made my breathing worse esp each time i applied it Endo has said not to use anymore.

but there putting a lot down to the tumor now like my nipple leakage etc

Where do you stand with DWP re a Pituitary tumor?

As get so tired plus the Tgel seems to have taken my health very backwards as tired like ready to fall off my perch but go to bed and can't sleep or keep waking up plus can't even sort of sleep like i used to like a lay in so to speak.

Also getting that feeling very ill feel again like going down with flu after doing something as been trying to keep active last few months to A get weight down b be fitter for circulation mind nurse at hospital other week said my BP is too low for my size as i said normally 90-100/60 i do have a slow heart rate as larger than most.

but was out and about other day sat down in car as felt weak and just felt so cold and tired finished up putting my blanket over me and going to sleep for a while.

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I am so sorry to read that you have been made to feel this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I do not know a great deal about how the new Universal Credit system works but I wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I know that because hubby on ESA (WRAG) and claiming as a couple about 2 years ago I had to go and see an "Advisor" as well. They wanted to find out if I was able to go to work. After talking to both of us the "Advisor" said she wouldn't be chasing either of us to go on courses etc as she could see we were both not ready for the workplace!

Hopefully once they've seen and spoken with you they'll realise that you aren't ready or even fit to go back to any form of work.

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Hi thank you for replies.

Well since been on the HRT (Tgel) it has made my breathing worse by far plus seem to have gone far back as not sleeping properly again with restless limbs my hands/grip are getting dire can only use for short while before seize/stop and painful pressure points on arms are roof touching!

Had radio on yesterday after a while had to turn off as gave me a headache but just sounded like a babble mind if Tory speal it would be anyway.

One funny thing is or not? Said to Endo about it as the T was meant to improve things last year i tried female pill for 2 weeks had better results from that then T and somethings haven't come back either as it did change my fibro.


I would get somone to drive you their and to attend the meeting with you for support. For them to get the impression you have a carer who does these things for you would be no bad thing. I have not been invited to any appointments but plan to request a meeting at home as I rarely leave the house and hate the noise and discomfort travel brings.

Good luck!

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Hi i had an appeal years back after a medical that they never told me results till found bank was empty had an hell of a time with trying to appeal plus council wanted letters from all inc the pope to say how survived in the end gave me appeal but it was so biased i had a canvas bag which had a few bits of paper in it they tried to say if can carry that im ok well if i couldn't carry that i'd be needing total care as i guess all in with strap less than a lb in weight said about sitting with cox pains which we get did say the chair they had was better as lower and no arms so could spread legs so not putting strain on that area plus a whole lot of other things they just looked and treated me with contempt.

Anyway signed on was there a while and they told me i had to get signed off as they won't let me sing on anymore because of my health.

I have 3 ruptured discs in lower spine plus one in my neck that's a problem which causes hand problems plus if put pressure say like when pulling on a jumper type cuts blood flow to brain as in the land of laa laa or say if looking up.

But the thing with fit to work etc is erroneous as even a person with no arms and legs could get somewhere or a job as could crawl along floor or be a draught excluder in front of a door! if want to get that extreme?

But it's the quality if being able as no one is going to employ someone that isn't able to do the job to a acceptable level.

I could probably get a job very quickly at many places as multi skilled/traded and very able to learn as old school where we learn't things as ive even built my own car and completely rewired it inc fuse board built engines polished and ported cyl head modded fuel injection system set up suspension and brakes now i have no qual's in motor mechanics but could never do now as my hands just don't/won't work for long or grip as even now using keyboard have to be slow as repeated clicks make the just go dead.

As this is the problem it's what we can do as in the old form "can you lift a tin of beans" yeah but once or twice but not repeatedly so how would someone employ you?

but guess it's the ole mind over matter saga? They don't mind as you don't matter!


Hi well went there after hospital appointment what a waste of time to be honest asked me a few things told him what i have etc plus tumor he said how come you have these things when you was down for back pain thing? Which isn't totally true as had me down for more as have IBS front and back problems! said things have been diagnosed now instead of nothing plus had over 20 years but only now been confirmed as lazy quacks etc plus one problem had since 17 when got knocked off bike did somersault in air and landed over a kerb on my back which damaged sacroiliac joint.

told him can't sit properly as like many have coccyx problems etc and hands don't work properly he said he knows about Fibro etc problems?

Gave me a PIP form!

Said come back in 2 weeks to see another plum there! which thought he was my "personal advisor"?

Did say theres vountary work and permitted etc so can't fit round your illnesss?

But don't actually need to go anyway to these things as found a letter you can give to them that says as in support group etc i don't mind going as a think to make me get out but the trouble is with that and hospital for acupuncture it's too much for me as felt totally whacked out didn't get up till 5pm next day and Saturday mt friend saw me and said you look Grey/dull as she calls it many said you don't look well.


Had my interrogation/interview they said it's informal one but someone has said im working! said if anything you want to admit etc bring up now etc

They said i'd not replied to letters before! said never had any as would have like this one ive replied to and others.

Said ive occasionally have helped my friend out when they had to be other places with checking papers/money etc if needed to be there as guy's working can't be left with them etc asked if paid said no always get fed when at there house and something for me to get out of house for while can have a cup of tea and be outside in some fresh air so just like family as been around them over 30 years and i don't have any family myself around.

Have a few more to add but have to get off now but did smell a rat abit like trying to rattle your cage to see what falls out so to speak!


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