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Do many get breathing problems with Fibro or could it be Raynauds as i have that to but been getting more breathing problems and also bring up thick stuff or have trouble clearing my chest have had some really bad episodes as been in hospital a few times one was when had really bad pains in stomach/bowel they thought appendix but xrayed my chest instead as was that worried about it! said go to quacks for asthma pumps (got and do nothing)nurse at quacks said not asthma anyway.

Have put weight on asa do have a pituitary tumor and had/have? high prolactin which makes you put weight on too i found.

But wake up wheezy sometimes or just comes and goes as it feels fit

Not a hay fever sufferer either.

Mind did find when was on Tgel that that seemed to make it worse each time used it!

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I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. Apart from my Fibro I also have Asthma and COPD, so I get a lot of wheezing and breathlessness, to go along with other medical conditions that I suffer with.

It never surprises me, as it would appear that so many other members have more than one condition to go along with their Fibro.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi oscarbravo, sorry you have been suffering.

You say you are not a hayfever sufferer, have you tried taking antihistamine at all? I only ask, as I have been suffering with chesty coughs, etc and antibiotics not touched it, Dr confirmed not asthma, couldn't find any relief. Took an antihistamine for couple days and it cleared up.

The cough / chestiness does not feel like hayfever (I've had that since a kid & feels completely different), but the antihistamine does work for me.

I hope you find a solution and some relief x


Hi i take a antihistamine daily but still suffer with chest


I have breathing problems but only since relapse nine months ago. Had fibro for nine years had two relapses due to stress but they only lasted two weeks but this one down to trauma accident at work same as you chesty hard to get stuff up thick black and very weazy


Hi it just comes and goes sometimes have it for longer have trouble clearing my chest/coughing like it's stuck some where?

Sometimes get sinuses running too or hear/feel it running down inside my head when lying down.

Off to Quacks see what he has to say for himself and hear what Endo has said to him?

will bring it up as heard about histamines before.

Thank you all for replies/help/info


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