breathing difficulties

please help as I am tired. I've been suffering from bad sore muscles from my neck right down my spine till my buttom. I do walks and are normally very sore. breathing became a difficulty as it feels I dont get enough air in my body. I feel scared and helpless and not sure what to do anymore. My GP diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I'm just very worried about my breathing and the constant pain in my neck and down my spine.

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  • I think you should get yourself an appointment with your GP this morning or A&E, finding breathing difficult is very serious and must be checked out sooner rather than later. ((((gentle hugs))))

  • I agree ring now and get a apointment good luck stay as calm as you can :) ginsing

  • Hi

    I agree with lucyhobbit you should allways get checked out when it efects your breathing.

    i had a problem with mine lastt year and it was the medication i was on so ring GP today if they wont see you go to A-E best be safe than sorry and will put your mind at rest. And dont let them fob you off with its just a symptom of fibro as a lot do good luck and and hope all is ok .Let us know how you get on. xxxx

  • H I Shaheida, really sorry u've joined our club. It breath I by Maybe a panic attach induced by the pain it feeling and the shock of it diagnosis. Nevertheless, if breathing exercises and meditation don't help, I would defrost see someone. If is known that US fibromites do shallow breathe, which doesn't help matters. I've had fibro for 7 yrs now and the best that I've found for pain is slow release morphine, gabapentin and warm baths, when I've the energy. Also at night as it makes me drowsy, robaxin, a muscle relaxant is great.

    Sorry for the mistakes...predictive txt n I cudnt go back to change stuff.

    Take care, fibropal x


  • Good morning...thank you very much for the reply.please advise what is A & E. this breathing problem became a nightmare and the pain is now constant in the back of my neck and sometimes it like pins and needles i feel. the pain is actually very tiring and because my medical aid are exausted i'm not sure who to see

  • It sounds as if the fibromyalgia is affecting the metacarpal muscles around your ribcage as that makes breathing a lot tighter, but best to get it checked out, maybe at the walk in centre? x

  • I am in total agreement with the other members, if you have breathing difficulties then please go to A&E as soon as you can.

    Good luck


  • Hi. Don't be scared the breathing problems it sound like cfs. We all suffer from it. I am thinking of getting an inhaler. It is scary at first but it passes. As for the pain I don't suffer too much with pain as I have ME and not fibro but if i am in pain I down a couple of co-codamol and just get on with it.

  • Go back to dr i thought my breathlessness was down to fibro so left it but statred to get chest pains having an aniogram on weds as they think i have angina

  • The tender points are probably due to sciatica. That nerve runs down the whole length from neck to bottom- sometimes down to ankles! Currently mine is going down to calves! The nerve may be pressing against chest or your not knowing what is going on may be causing anxiety, which is affecting your breathing... Ask your Dr to check sciatic nerve.

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