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Easter fun and sunshine :-)

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely Easter. It is beautiful outside, blue skies and sunshine. Yesterday I watched my husband in a cross country race very proud of him. Amount of people who asked if I had been racing as was limping painfully, but it was 19 days and counting of excruciating FM in both ankles. Nothing could stop me watching my husband race, and he did hold me up walking across the parkland to the start line. Well today is hot and gorgeous Sun so hope you are all feeling great :-)

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Glad you managed to make it yesterday to watch hubby racing. I bet you wish that you had got the bad ankles through racing. Anything more than walking pace seems a very distant memory.

Yes the weather today has been absolutely gorgeous.x

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The main thing is you had some enjoyment within what you can do. That's always a positive for me :)

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I am so happy that you managed to watch your husband, and I sincerely hope that your pain levels decrease soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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