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Hamble gave us this

Hamble gave us this

I just rediscovered it. I couldn't find the original post.

I needed to re discover this. And am shooting off into space for anyone out there who feels like me. That the spirit is flagging.

You gave me this in a blog so I am bouncing it back across space. I hope it helps you like it helped me. Read it believe it. X

Take an index finger

point it at yourself

say out loud

"You Are Special"

"However you are is ok"

"Whatever happens you are a survivor"

You have pain, IT doesn't have you!"

"Every day is an achievement."

"I am proud of you"

and..... relax

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Thanks nedd and Hamble :-)


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Nedd }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} & {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Hamble }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Happy healing Easter fluffies

Thanks for posting this :)

xxx sian :)


Thank you ned and Hamble :)


thank you Nedd :)

what a nice picture :)


Thanks nedd, I had forgotten about this and you have sparked my memory. I now remember saying to hamble at the time that I loved this.

Take care my friend



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