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Proof of Condition

Hello all, I don't know how people are judged in the UK to get approved for disability, but here in the US you go to a bunch of doctors and the results are sent to person or board of people to review your case. There are different levels to the process. If your case is denied in the beginning you can appeal it. The first appeal is just like your first request where someone just looks at your doctor's records. My lawyer told me to expect to be denied the first claim and first appeal. The next appeal I get to talk to a judge to tell him my health issues. Here is my problem. I have anxiety, RLS, IBS, Fibro but I don't have 11 tender points but chronic pain and chronic fatigue to the point I cannot work even part time. Here is my question. If a doctor was to read my chart and blood test they would see a healthy person because there are no test to prove what I physically experience. I have taken a phychologiccal test which did show depression and poor cognitive skills. That is the only evidence I have that i am ill. So how do others prove to a judge that I have Fibro and the other symptoms I mentioned?

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Hi Mark, it will probably have to take you to go to a face to face appeal to get approved. Its not a bad thing although the thought of it is very daunting. It will be your opportunity to tell them how your conditions affect your day to day living. Let them see how your anxiety impairs you. Tell them your story. Let them see you, let them hear you, let them know how hard life is for you. Always go by your worse days. Hope this helps. Take care, Mags x


Hi, yes my lawyer said to create a dairy of the bad days. I have been using my phone to record the bad days because the last thing I want to do when in pain is work on the computer. I have 54 entries so far. I just don't know when my appeal will come up and I think this one will be a face to face. But get this. I have the option to do it by Skype. I have no idea where it might be so I guess that's why they have that option. My anxiety makes it hard for me to travel too far from home.

Thanks for the reply.



We are judged very badly, I'm not joking sadly either..the old US company UNUM is operating on the behalf of our government under the new name ATOS, people are being found fit for work when they aren't and dying as a result..our government will now no longer release the estimate of how many have been found 'fit' and died within 6 weeks of their assessment...we got up to 13,000 which was a few yeas ago, those who are in the know and campaign on our behalf think the figure is around 30,000 which as we are a very small country is appalling...

Our government are terrible, I won't write the truth on here as I don't want to cause issues for the site but Google, DPAC, ATOS, TORIES, PIP, BEDROOM TAX, ESA and you'll get the full picture, we've even been told that our GP (doctors office) can no longer provide letters of support for our disability claims..

Guess who pays the gps finances and who the employer of our gps is, yes our government...

This country is at its worst and has been since 2010. We have an election in early May and most disabled, unemployed and low paid people are praying the tories go and Labour are voted in..

Check out the bedroom tax it's the ultimate kick in the stomach....


Ps fight back as hard as you possibly can..


I have heard rumors of how difficult it is in your country to get help. That's kind of why I posted my question because if you have gotten support over there, I was wondering how you did it.




Hi Mark, i made sure that i asked my neurologist for a letter that had the word fibromyalgia on it.

I sure that it helps.



The last time I saw my Rumatoligust I made sure she put Fibromyalgia in her report, but it would be a good idea to get a letter or make sure she did what she said she was going to do.



I just want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

Good luck



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