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Good news!!

I posted for help filling in dla renewal. O was totally panicked. I got a phone call on Monday to see when my care needs had changed. I asked my daughter to phone up dla in the afternoon to write down notes of the earlier phone call. As I had forgotten what was said, they had actually completed the claim. The award has gone up, and been awarded indefinitely! Kinda good news, just waiting for the change over to pip now :(

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It took less than a week to sort out!!


That is absolutely wonderful news I am so pleased for you fingers crossed for you that when you are changed to PIP that all goes well.x


Happy for you. I hope my review also is without issues. I received my review for DLA last month but it isnt due until June! I have been dreading completing this and have been putting it off even though my health has deteriorated. I have only just applied for ESA after losing my job through ill health and that form took me 4 weeks to complete and was so stressful I got a flare up. What I am worried about is that they will receive my form and then send me a PIP form to complete and so drag the procedure out even further adding more stress. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi do you just have FM?? I'm I recept of PIP and my needs have changed for the worst... I dunno what todo?? X


That's is wonderful news.

Thanks for sharing



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