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Went to get my eyes tested yesterday, first time since I have been on benefits. Free glasses,,,thats a joke,,,you get an NHS voucher for £38.00. Now bearing in mind I have to have 2 lens ground on top of each other because of my astigmatisms and I have growing vessels across my left eye, I also have to have anti-glare put on them. These free glasses cost me £170 yesterday, can you pay a little at a time until they are ready, oh no, all at once, so much for the help, £170 is more than a weeks money, thank you Mr Cameron again !!!

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  • I have astigmatism too, so have to have the anti-glare also. I don't qualify for free glasses, sadly, but specsavers do a buy one get one free deal. Oh, but you have to pay for the thin lenses with those, whereas if I only got one pair that bit is free. So it's £85 for one pair, or £165 for two. Uh, yeah, that's not quite free! So one pair was a massive stretch on my budget. So I'm feeling your pain!!

  • Hi angelm54

    I am so sorry to read that, and I genuinely hope that your eye sight is not suffering as a result of this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I go to Specsavers for my eye test and use the prescription to order online at SelectSpecs. They have frames that start at £9 complete with coated lenses (delivery is £5.95 but orders over £75 are free P&P). The price is for simple lenses but it might be worthwhile contacting them and finding out how much it would be for your more complex lenses.

  • Hello Angelm54. Try Asda opticans. They are designer frames at £70 with lenses and they thin the lenses which is included. I find Specsavers too expensive as I have to have my glasses thinned, And I can't wear nikel ones due to an allergy.

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