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CBT Worksheets

Hello fellow members! :)

Without my FibroAction hat on, I came across this site of which there are many similiar sites to choose from but this site has the following worksheets you may find helpful.

Here's the list of Worksheets you may find useful;

*Pain Diary

*Sleep Diary

*3 different Daily Activity Diary

*Rumination Diary

*Thought Records

Plus information sheets too ;

*What is Rumination?

*Unhelpful Thinking

*How breathing effects feelings

*What is Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy (CBT)

*PTSD & Memory

*Guidelines for Better Sleep

*Assertive Communication

Plus these which may be most relevant;

*Pacing for Pain & Fatigue (unable to post but would hope you'd consider looking at it)

*Progressive Muscle Relaxation ( which we've talked about before)

*Relaxed Breathing (which Sian aka Zeb73 did a post about)

Here's the link;

I noticed there was also a worksheet for a 30 day challenge.

Would any of you for a bit of fun take part in a 30 day challenge if I make one, just for fun. It would be simple things per day like PMR, do something makes you feel good, drink more water, do a meditation/relaxation you tube video etc.......

If so please click recommend so I have a clue as to how many would take part as a group!

I hope find this interesting & useful too

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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I'm in!

Thanks for this link, will be very very useful! xx

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Hi there thanks for sharing your findings with the group. The Internet is an amazing source of information, and this site is great for support. I look forward to looking through all of this information. Many thanks Hx

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this looks to me like a paid-for service - you can download after fork-out? Or am I missing something?

As an alternative, I believe, I may have mentioned before a site from the Australian NHS with lots of free modules to be read/studied at leisure/in combination of one's choosing and their free!

I believe you find them if you google: CCI consumer workbooks

(I believe they call service users consumers downunder!)

I hope this helps.

Other than that, I probably get people rolling their eyes soon ("here she goes again...") but I do like referring another free resource:

UCLA Diana Winston mindfulness meditation free audio

best wishes!



Hello Barbsch54,

The worksheets are free to download but I believe the Audio you have to pay for! I think it's questionable why they have done this as for some it is necessity due to sight issues therefore it seems unfair in my mind that they should pay!

Thank You for your suggestions, there are definitely many different sites with worksheets & workbooks where you can do self help CBT.

I'll look at the sites you've suggested with interest


Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi is this CBT for fibromyalgia? As some years ago I went for CBT to a therapist and she said this is not possible with Fibromyalgia. Although she did help me with other issues that were making my condition worse due to stress


Thank you this is really informative.


Thank you for this, I looked at the link and it led me to some very helpful information, I have been having grief counselling for some time and what I read makes me feel better about what I have been experiencing, quite usual given the circumstances. So again thank you xx


Hi Emma,

Thank you for this and it certainly looks worthwhile. I did however wonder whether one could include "mindfulness" into the list and whether it may be beneficial. I have a good friend who is a top Phsyciatrist in Oxford and she advocates the use of mindfulness.....list a thought ! 😃

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