Self Help

Self Help

Evening all

I'm taking the evening off work/study etc and appear to have gone on a self help extravaganza. Not entirely sure if this is a good thing but I've just downloaded a lot of workbooks/worksheets and signed up to some newsletters.

I'm quite liking this:

Also, the cat is asleep on my feet, therefore I have no choice but to continue...

Karen xx

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  • The cat sleeping on your feet is telling you slow down xx

  • Way too many boxes filling paperwork would be a days energy spent.

    Controlling a schedule or schedule controlling you- lou60 is spot on

    "slow down" the cat is setting an example :-)

  • Sooooooooo chilled :)

  • Send all that manic energy to the kity Karen! That should keep your feet warm.

  • Enjoy your "self-help extravaganza." :)

    Interesting link. :)


  • Too much like hard work looking at your pdf, the cat has the right idea?

    Good luck

    Ken x

  • Awwww.

    What an absolutely lovely cat. You're right not to move, it looks so very, very comfortable. Now that's how you're supposed to sleep. I vaguely remember being able to sleep like that many eons ago!

  • If only I could get that comfortable.

  • Pdf isn't loading on my phone so I will look later. fun link for you though given the cute cat:

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