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Unable to raise legs when laying flat

Morning all, I went to PIP assessment yesterday and during physical exam the lady asked me to lay flat on the examination table . She asked me to raise each leg as far as I could before pain,I could only lift a few inches on each leg but not painful just that is all I could manage . Does anyone else have this problem ?



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Hello butterfly 72

I think she assessing you muscle strength in your quadriceps ( which are muscles at top of you thigh ) did she ask you to bring your feet to point up well towards you ? That makes leg raises easier .

I find it very difficult and I'm 43 but it because of my reduced mobility

Maybe this will help you

I hope it does

Nice to meet you butterfly72

Must be a very worrying time for you im dreading that envelope for pip dropping through my letterbox!!

Take cake

Love Squeák 🐷🐭xxxx


Thanks Squeak, I am coming up to 43 in May and it knocks you off your feet this fibro. My thigh muscles have been very painful and cramps of late , walking more difficult to point of using walking stick, so I suppose it makes sense. But also feel tugging in the lower back when I lift legs aswell, does this happen to you ?



Hello Ann Marie

I just tried to SLR ( what the PHYSIO call straight leg raise ) I pointed my toes towards me and ooooooooooouuuucccchhhhhh the muscle etc did not like it at all manage about 2 inches but in pain. No it did nt pull on my back but FIBRO is so strange it hurts in different places every day .

Do you have a back problem ?

My walking stick stayed in the laundry basket for a good 3 months but I find my stick ( mick the stick ) helps no end it now like he's part of me although I still am very conscious of looks other people give me

Also just a thought a lot of people with Fibro suffer with restless leg syndrome it may be worth talking to Gp about the problems you having or be referred to pain clinic but think you should mention all the problems your having to a healthcare professional, even if it's to just document the changes in you .

Take care

Love Squeák 🐷🐭xx


Hi squeak, have you thought of customising your stick to make it more personal to you?

I bought some sticky back butterflys from the pound shop and stuck them all over my stick, then wrapped clear tape round to protect them.

Now i like to see them do a double take.

I had decided that if i had to use it at least i could make it pretty.

Hugs sue xx

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Great idea sue

I'm a dotty person yes I'm sure you all know that

I mean I love spotty things so yes urm I could do that maybe ha ha fun to try anyway

Love squeák 🐷🐭


My hubby has drawn the line when it comes to butterflys on my Wheelchair. :O

I was only joking but the look of sheer panic on his face was priceless, :P :D

Hugs sue

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I discovered that i couldnt lift my legs more that a couple of inches when i went to see a rumatologist.

It wasnt a surprise as the apparent weight of my legs stop me from walking more then a few feet without support.

Because of this i was awarded enhanced rate mobility.

Good luck its a worrying time.

Sue x


Thanks for your reply Sue, I am only two and half years into this crazy fibro and so many things have changed already. Having the chance to talk to others and find this is what others experience is somehow reassuring.




I am so sorry to read that you experiened this, and I genuinely hope that it did not upset you as it can come as a shock if you are not expecting this to happen?

I have had a similar problem but I do physiotherapy to try and help alleviate the problem.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best



Thanks for your reply Ken, I was wondering if your physio told you why this happens.



She said to me that it was due to muscle weakness caused by my Fibro but she did not elaborate.



I think i have read that it is oxygen deprivation that causes it and that our muscles are not converting oxygen into energy.


You may find this interesting.


Thanks for the link sue, really interesting as I had not heard of this before.

Take care

Ken x

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Hi butterfly72 I too had my examination from pip I was passed for dla. I have other medical problems too. I suffered a stroke but since then my balance been off & when asked to lay on table I was unable I found out there not qualified doctors.


Yes definitely both legs same feels like a dead weight or someone pushing your legs down ...had an a&e visit because my back was so painful amongst other problems the consultant told me there to lift my legs and I couldn't budge them no matter how much I wrestled with them anyway in the end he done it for me afterwards my back was screaming in pain which went on for 3 days and now constant. In the morning s ...had an MRI just abit of lumbar lordosis detected nothing too bad ...seeing rhumatologist on Tuesday ..


I haven't been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I do have the same problem, I can't lift my legs up when laying flat, I suffer from lower back pain due to being a carer for 30 years and in all those years of suffering from my back and taking prescribed diclofenac for the pain to enable me to carry on working which I took for 20 years the GP decided to stop them because I developed GERD so now I can't take any strong pain relief, I have to take Omeprazole daily for the GERD, I am in pain most days with my back it doesn't take much to put my back out plus I have other medical conditions, restless legs at night, high BP, hypothyroidism, Diverticulitis, high cholesterol, constant water infections I am under a consultant for this. I was made redundant last year the company closed, I tried for ESA as I am 60 and I really don't feel well enough to work, my back is so weak, I had a health assessment and was told I am fit enough to work, no points, I worked so damn hard for over 30 years, so I got a new job about 6 weeks ago it doesn't pay enough for the rent and council tax, my husband who is also ill he has emphysema and they say he isn't sick enough to get ESA he failed the health assessment too, they say £114.00 is enough to live on weekly, how do people manage. I am in bed with my back ceased up, painful hip,

stomach, I am supposed to be working today but I can't walk far as the pain is bad, so now I am going to lose money, I appealed against their decision at a tribunal in letter when I first tried for ESA which I did get for a few months last year, they have adjourned my case, it took 5 months for them to adjourn it, I am still waiting to hear but killing my back in the meantime because I need to work and pay my bills.


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