Update Council Installing Gas Central Heating

Or not. Def. not for the time being. Result in from the most recent financial assessment (Ha! Hee, Hee, Ho, Ho, Ho! Funny!) on my contribution towards costs for Residential respite, which I would need on health grounds whilst they work. It has taken ELEVEN MONTHS to get to this point. I'm too tired to be angry. Perhaps it's a bit of a relief to be honest. I was dreading it. Moving out, my home is set up for me, everything I need is here. Sometimes the walls close in on me, but I love my home. Hey ho- roll on Spring! :) Tulip xx

4 Replies

  • Well I really hope your contribution is £0.00 and that it gets finally sorted soon XX

  • sadly not. i dont understand their mathematics, not the same as mine. cancelled it. enough is enough. spring has arrived here. moving on, metaphorically speaking. sense of relief really :) Tulip xx

  • I'm sorry your heating is still not being done its actually quite disgusting but nothing surprises me anymore in this area :(. I'm still having problems with the lovely neighbours and there heavy footed German shepherd that keeps me up all night. No sign of moving so bidding again this week if theres anything available. I hope they sort your heating out before next winter.


  • Likewise. It's not a happy prospect but hey, let's get through summer 1st :)

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