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Feeling better

Hello my new friends,after the sink leaked,the cooker broke,then the Hoover blew up,my neck went into spasm,well managed to get to my gp who very kindly manipulated my neck into the right position For some reason my fibro affects my neck and spine more than anywhere else even though I have pain all over,so I'm going to have a few pills and have a good sleep,then I will concentrate on everything that has broken,god bless you all xxxx

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I hope that the tablets and rest help! Good idea to just forget about what's broken til you feel a little better. They say that things come in 3s - That's 3 things happened so hopefully that will be it for a while!!

Take care & gentle hugs to you

Becky xx


Thanks Becky,if I wasn't on the pills I think a nice Malibu and coke was on the cards lol,take care and hugs to you too xxx


Why do they always seem to come in threes :) I hope your tablets and rest help. God luck with the repairs :)


Thanks Hun xxxxx


Hi GG :)

Don't worry protective fluffie hugs already on route {{{{{{ GG }}}}}}

You sound exhausted, so let's have a cuppa and relax :)

I hope the tablets help you to get some rest.

xxx sian :)


Thanks zeb73 xxxxxxxx


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing so much and I genuinely hope that you manage to get a really sleep and then get things sorted.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you ken for your kind words,I'm not cooking,or cleaning not bad having a few days off and having complete rest,I have seen the funny side of it all going wrong we've got to laugh take care xxxxxx


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