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Animals who don't understand the meaning of personal space


I hope you enjoy as much as I did - bless those little & large fluffies :-)

fingers crossed that the link works!

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Wonderful - very much the case with my doglet's, I have a wonderful short video of Mr B sitting right on top Poppie, with me trying to persuade him to move and let her breathe, - he did eventually and was she bothered?....... Nope not one bit, just a look which said, "oh he's gone" but some serious shut eye was needed, and he was still covering her even at the end but only with a bit of his tail hehehehehe 😃😃😃😃

Foggy x


I like the look on the brown dogs face. if that isnt a leer i dont know what is.


Would you really have it an other way? Except maybe when I am trying to read my emails through my dog, never easy :)

Fibrofoggiest in reply to Hidden

Really ????? 😜😜

Hidden in reply to Fibrofoggiest

Yup, as the saying goes, she would make a good door but a terrible window :D

The cat sharing a bathroom moment is overstepping the mark, love them all. xx

Fibrofoggiest in reply to lou60

Ahhhh such memories, my beloved Hollyberry had a fixation on the bathroom and had even been known to land in the warm water with me and sit there looking rather fuddled and very odd (she was a smallish cat but made to look bigger with lots of hair, so when wet through, not much of her 😉) and of course sitting on ones lap on the loo was considered the greatest fun of all hehehe 😂

Foggy x

Wonderful that was really laugh out loud stuff.x

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Haha, how apt as I sit on the toilet this moment on my ipad and with newspaper ready to read.....why you ask....simple, my cats, Lulu insisits on laying on my newspaper everytime I go near it, Lily rubs my ipad all over with her cheeks whilst simultaneously laying in my arms blocking my view. Talk about personal space! The know not the meaning, unless they require it....oops must go Lily is scratching at door for my ipad.......blimey I swear she ESP!


This made me laugh out loud Kitty. It is a carbon copy of my house- almost! Just substitute the iPad for a Kindle. Cats - don't you just love 'em!

Jane x

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