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Question - ESA

Hi guys, hope u are all feeling well. I have a question. I am facing redundancy from my job, my question is am i entitled to ESA, do any of you know the ctiteria. My husband works full time and his wage is ok. I dont think i would get another job as understanding as the one i have at the moment they know about my condition and always put things in place to assist me. I dont think i would manage to work somewhere else, they might not be as understanding.


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I have just gone through this process and I was advised by my work to apply for ESA contribution based as they were taking money from my notice pay for any benefit I would receive (even if not getting it). I applied and received the basic ESA c for 12 weeks then I got another form to complete to see if I still am entitled after this time. I am still waiting to hear about this. If you have paid enough NI stamps then you should be entitled to contribution based ESA. Good luck Joolz.x


Thanks for this, i am shocked that your work is taking money from your notice pay. Is this done all the time. I have been working part time and not paid any NI as my pay was to low, will this effect any claim??


I hadnt heard of the deduction from wages before so I phoned DWP and they thought it is illegal but my union rep looked into it and apparantely it is in my contract that they can make deduction where they feel they should so I cant do anything about it. Sounds like you may not get ESA c but might be worth ringing DWP to find out if its worth applying. Good luck. Joolz.x


If you would like some ESA guides, let me know your email address (by private message). Hopefully they can help you with the application process.

Karen x


To qualify you will have to attend an assessment but hopefully they will see that you are not fit to work at this time.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck



So sorry to hear you are losing your job I know I was finished after been off ill for a year and it is a big adjustment to make when you are well let alone when you are ill. There are two types of ESA Contribution and Income Based. For contribution based you have to have paid enough NI stamps and for income based it is based on income per week and how much savings you have. On the site you will be able to see all the information about ESA and there is also a benefit calculator where you can put yours and your husbands circumstances in and it will calculate for you whether you would be entitled to any benefits. I would also take up Karen's offer of having her send you the information as they have links to subscription only sites that give excellent information.

Have you also considered applying for PIP if you haven't already done so.

Good luck with everything.x


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