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Sleep evasion

Hi. I have gone from barely sleeping at all to sleeping really well but not feeling like I have back to barely sleeping at all. It gets quite frustrating. I now have the start of this dreaded flu bug that my husband has had the past week. I hope it doesnt get as bad as him as I cannot have time off work. I am only allowed 6 days off in the next 12 months or I will be sacked. The joys of employ ment.

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Hi juliekp

Nice to meet you ,I total get the sleep thing it drives me mad that's why I'm here now

If I not being to noisy what work do you do ?

Things have changed so much since I worked my ex boss would rather me work an hour than nothing at all and she trusted me to work when I could for as long as I could for 2&1/2 years sadly they don't make them like her anymore

Good luck

Sorry I have no suggestions to help you sleep

With work keep going but your health should be priority 1 but I know it can't be in this day and age but all you can do is your best love

Take care

Love squeák 🐷🐭xx

I wish 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😉😉😉😊


Hi squeak. Nice to meet u also. I am a swimming teacher. In and out of water. Love my job but it is mentally draining and can also either be very cold or very hot. And we all know we struggle to regulate our body temps


How fantastic , but very tiring just do your best love but know your making a difference to so many lives it Is really lovely but you have to try and look after you too !

Take care

Love Squeák 🐷🐭xxx


Have you been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia ? I don't think you could be dismissed as its classed as a disability.

I'm sure someone more in the know will be able to advise you.


I dont think my employer is accepting it as a disability


Hi Julie :)

Hope you stay ok and avoid the bug.

Drink plenty of fluid and keep warm.

Healling fluffies on route to you :)

xxx sian :)


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I genuinely hope that you feel more like your usual self again soon. If, after you are over the flu bug your sleep pattern does not regulate I would discuss it with your GP as it may be affected by some medication that you are taking?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best



Thank you Ken


Hi I hope you don't suffer from it too badly. Had it over christmas and did have to take some time off work. I was ill for 3 weeks and then had a few days afterwards where my ME flared up really badly. You seem to be in a really difficult situation but if you keep pushing yourself too hard you make things worse. I would talk to your boss and then maybe get some advise. I am sure your boss can not sack you for being ill.


Thanx for replying. My bosses have told me I will lose my job if I have over 6 days off in 12 months. I also dont seem to b taken very seriouslyby my doc. I feel like a hhypochondriac each time I go.


I have stopped going to my doctor they don't seem to recognize the symptoms of ME. As for asking advice try the CAB as I said before I don't think they can sack you for being ill. (but I might be wrong). I hope you sort things out!


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