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Sick Day Required

Today very much needs to be a sick day, duvet day and rest day. If Trinity (my FibroAction kitty PA) hadn't had spent 30 minutes trampling on me for breakfast I'd probably still be in bed. Sadly I am sitting in my office as I don't get paid for time off. 5.5 hours to go...I can do this!

Hope you all manage to have positive days!

Keep warm and dry (pretty impossible in Brighton today).

Karen xx

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One hour at a time is how I tackle those days saying 5.5 hours seems much too long. Hope you manage it :)


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Hope you made it through the day and are now snuggled under duvet with hot drink, kitty and chocolate as a reward !!

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I genuinely and sincerely hope that you managed the day? And that you feel much more like your usual self again now?

Take care

Ken x

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