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Busy day

So I've been for an eye test today and my eyes have gotten worse so I need new glasses that set me back a few quid!

Also been for a swim which was actually quite enjoyable at the time although painful and now the pain has increased ten fold maxed out on pain killers but I'm determined to keep the swimming up once a week on my day off, I'm hoping to breakthrough the pain barrier.

take care



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Hi Nijh, i found with the swimming that starting off doing less than i was able and building on the amount of laps each week, combined with a sauna for heat worked well. But just pushing myself to keep swimming caused total relspse int pain and exhaustion. I think with fibro we have to creep up on it with little bits of exercise, sneaking them in without it knowing cos it doesnt want us to be fit and punishes us if we try to act like we are !

All the best, sharon


Hiya Sharon thanks for sharing your comments with me, I know exactly what you mean, I will take it easy but I also need to try and do a small amount of exercise, I have conflicting conditions, I need exercise for one but it then wreaks havoc on the others it's an impossible situation so I'm trying to find a happy medium. 😉

Take care




Sorry you have had to spend out on glasses they are so expensive nowadays aren't they.

Glad you managed to go swimming and hope you can keep it up on a weekly basis but be a bit gentler with yourself and slowly build up the amount you do as it is no good to you if you wipe yourself out. They say about exercise, little and often is better.

Anyway keep up the good work but don;t try going for the long course record yet!


Thank you

I have given up on trying break any records I just do what's right for me now and if it's not right I don't do it!



Good luck with the swimming, it could really help you long term.

Good luck



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