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Hi, I am 61yrs Young. Medically retired from work in 2011 due to fibro, CFS, sleep apnea, arthritic spine and breast cancer (double mastectomy), tinnitus, it's and asthma. Needless to say I am in receipt of both ESA (support group after medical with atos) do not know when this will end, can anyone enlighten me please? DLA (highest rate for both care and mobility) which is due till August 2016. Question is will I have to apply again for PIP and when and how? All replies will be greatly appreciated x

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I am not expert but my understanding is that you can be asked for reassessment at anytime for ESA.

My letter only told me of award outcome but not duration. However I was advised by phone beforehand and was told the duration. I presume I will get a letter near that time? They are massively behind though and the company replacing Atos are due February.

DLA...they write to you with form to reapply about 20 weeks before current expiry date. By 2016 its hoped PIP will be in place throughout (currently only some areas). Again they should write to you.

That's my understanding, hope correct.



ESA, they did call me after assessment saying I was far too ill to work again and that I automatically go into support group, so I believe as you do that I will not be called again for assessment, do hope not so stressful at the time, thank you for your reply. X


Hello Paddysmum

You will continue with EDA until you retire. I assume from you age that will be soon?

DLA?PIP can not normally be paid once you retire inless you are already receiving it as you are.

All indefinite awars which yours will be are die to migrate to PIP around 2016/17. You will be invited, by letter, to apply for PIP and undergo the assesment. It is not an automatic transfer.

These are the plans at this moment in time but anything could happen. So sit tight, hang on to your hat and wait.

I am in the same boat apart from just started on my pension at 62. AND I get more than I did on ESA!!



Sound advice, thank you x


Hi paddysmum1

Under the current rules you will be asked to apply for PIP within a certain timeline from your DLA. Due to a large backlog it will be impossible to say what this will be but your DLA will continue until you receive your PIP.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I only know my reassessment expected time because the JC told me, it isn't on my letter.

All I can do is deal with it when they notify me. Until then it's something I will put on the back burner & get on with coping with each day as it comes.



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