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Hi everyone!! Hopefully you're all ok and winding down after Xmas? I had my appointment with a consultant at the pain clinic yesterday and although it was a very early start for me (had to be there by 9am) at least it showed how much I struggle. He was probably one of the best drs I have ever seen! Not only did he listen to everything I told him, he was totally clued up in fibromyalgia and asked me how I felt about the course of action he was planning!! He suggested I change my meds, is sending me off for a brain scan , an appointment with a neurologist, a letter to the pain management team and will see me again in 3 months!! I've often read on here of people who gave felt let down with their experience in this department, so just wanted to let you know that there are good ones out there!! Happy new year to you all and let's hope 2015 is kind to us all!!.....much love....ninja....xxx

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Lucky you, so glad it is working out for you :)

I hope 2015 is a good year for you :)


WOW! I am absolutely delighted that it all went so well for you. I will keep my fingers crossed (metaphorically of course) and I hope that they can find something that genuinely helps your Fibro.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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