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I am a 56 year old male and lately my heart has changed somewhat. I don't want to go to the doctor maybe because I don't want to hear bad news! I often have an irregular heartbeat and sometimes I can really feel my heart beating as though I was in fear. Would like to know exactly how serious these symptoms are. I am not overweight and I do moderate exercise

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  • probably nothing but get it checked. I have an irregular heart beat and it has only affected me when I was pregnant so properly won't be relevant to you but if it means your oxygen is not circulating as well as it could that will in the long term so make that appointment.

  • Thx for the advice; yeah I better go see a doc

  • As i type this my heart is trying to do a drum roll.

    As with mine, yours may well be a symptom of fibro but please do what i did and get it checked.

    sue x

  • Thx for the advice I don't have any other fibro symptoms but yeah I better get it checked out

  • Hi Jayzed, I saw cardiac cons at outputs as I had palpitations and racing heart beat, he said it was a reaction to the pain. With most people, it is a momentary feeling, but with fibro it is something which happens more often as of course we get more pain than normal. Good luck, Julie xxx

  • Me too, I have had cardiac arrhythmia's and palpitations when my heart feels like it's making a bid for freedom out of my chest. As the others have advised, I really urge you to visit either your GP or if over the weekend take yourself to A&E - better to be safe than sorry.

    Sending positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for the advice and the vibes but I feel fine and I don't feel it's enough of an emergency to rush off to see somebody on the weekend.what is A&E anyway?

  • Thanks for the advice and the vibes but I feel fine and I don't see any reason to rush off and see somebody over the weekend. What is A&E anyway?

  • Hi jayzed

    I would definitely discuss this with your GP just to have certain conditions removed from the equation. However, there is more chance of it being stress / anxiety related due to the nature of Fibro than anything more serious. I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • What is with you guys and fibro? I looked up the symptoms and I don't have any... I've enjoyed a rich diet my entire life so I'm worried it's the onset of arteriosclerosis that's possible to isn't it?

  • This is a fibro community, lol. But the advise still applies. It's probably benign but u should see your dr so you know. :)

  • Hi jayzed I am not sure if you have mixed up your communities but we are going on about fibro because this is the fibromyalgia community. As for the heart issue sometimes it is something simple like anxiety itself that is causing the heart racing and not wanting to repeat too much going to the docs is the right thing. A&E is accident and emergency :o). Always best to be safe rather than sorry. Good luck.

  • I have a rapid heartbeat sometimes, and was told this is a fibro symptom, but definitely get it checked for your own peace of mind. Good luck.

  • Could be thyroid, I suggest this because I have an underactive thyroid but at times I get a racing heartbeat & palpitations just need medication adjustment nothing sinister! get to dr have it checked out, we are not medical professionals, you say you don't want to hear bad news, you happy to suffer the consequences of being neglectful? Do not be stupid about it SEE THE DOCTOR!!!

  • I have had these same symptoms for 20 years and it caused me severe anxiety and panic attacks even though I was told the condition was benign. Of course the anxiety just magnified it. U should get checked out if for nothing else than peace of mind. Irregular heart beats are easily treated if it is something. When I was diagnosed with fibro, the rheumy told me that my 20'years of palpitations was actually another of the 100 symptoms of fibro. Good luck.

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