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Splish Splosh

Splish Splosh

I knew it was a mistake but wot the heck.

I round the supply and student up support a puddle hunt.

Of course it's me that organises wet weather kit for Fred and her gang.

Of course they stand back while I sweat helping them kit up.

Of course they drink tea while huddled up out if the splash zone.

After all its my idea.

Guess who falls in puddles and runs round the joint starkers while I declare that there will be no lunch for those who are not dressed.

Guess who does most of the changing out of wet gear. And bags it all.

Guess who put Luke's trousers on David and David's trousers on Luke.

Mummies were not amused.

It was a close thing.

But I think they had the most fun.


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Only because of the sodding shoulder and knackered body though.

Doubtless tomorrow I will pay. But then yesterday the body was exacting retribution for I know not what. Your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't don't you find.

Oh and because I have the concentration if a gnat forgot this.

oh I do miss that Edit button.


Ignore link its not wot I intended.


Fingers crossed.

Hopefully that's the one.


Cool! I enjoyed that little tale my friend!

Thanks for sharing



Sounds like massive fun.


Massive fun.

Massively knackering.

Takes me all weekend to recoup.

Ready For another week.


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