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steroid injection

4th November, last ditch attempt to free up right side neck/back/arm/hand. (frozen shoulder). it did work. for 12 days. yesterday I was enjoying an afternoon with my daughter, just chatting and we had some lunch together, lovely. she has spent the last couple of years living/working in Spain and I really missed her! but after 3 or 4 hours I was getting so tired. then the horrible shooting and stabbing pains came back again at defined points in my upper back, down from the shoulder, picked up at the elbow and then in my hand which as always started to swell and burn and I cant move the upper arm. so frustrating! 12 days for goodness sake! I took some oramorph and went to sleep for a few hours. I woke up and everything is back the way it was and I've been up all night. How can you be this tired and still not able to sleep?

I'm sorry. I just wanted to moan, throw my toys out of the pram. tell someone who KNOWS how it feels. It helps, so thank you. Tulip xx

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Morning Tulip

So short a time - not even 2 weeks or three what a ******* excuse my french. I am so sorry it did not work longer for you - did you manage to rest a bit in the twelve days? I do hope so! Take heart we understand completely and every time we climb out we get kicked back.

Take today carefully see how it goes

gentle hugs



Could not have put it better. French is such a good language in these cases Tulip xx


Go on have a good rant it is so frustrating when something you hoped would work for you at least for a good period of time doesn't. My friend went through all that with physio, injections, etc to no avail. They then suggested they manipulate her shoulder and neck under aneasthetic as a last ditch attempt and it worked like a miracle and she hasn't had any problem since. Do hope that they find something soon that can help you. Don;t talk to me about sleep I am a Gold medalist at insomnia. The other day I was in so much pain and as we all know it drains you so much that I decided early bed and a sleeping pill well for those who know there is nothing like not sleeping at all after taking a pill. It has taken me 3 days to get over it. Hope you get a better night. Very gentle


Right on the crux of it! Thank you Tulip xx


You have my sympathy so so much Tulips. I had to have numerous steroid injections in my shoulder and as time went on the less effective they became. My problem was down to arthritis in my shoulder, which accounted for why at the end they weren't working. I ended up having a shoulder replacement.

I wish I could give you some better advice, but could your GP refer you to a shoulder specialist who could perhaps come up with some other way forward for you. Knowing how painful shoulder problems are and with all the referred pain that comes with them, I really truly hope you can find some way forward to getting some permanent relief from your pain.

Sending positive healing vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x


please see new post. thank you Foggy. Tulip xx


Hi tulips123

I am so sorry to read that it did not last very long for you! I genuinely hope that you are not in too much pain as write this? Please take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Sympathy +++ Tulips! I've had upper spine and neck pain (which radiates down my arms) for over 3 years now. The only medication that helps is Tramadol, but am reluctant to over- use this as it has uncomfortable side-effects (the plumbing end!). Also Ibuprofen when there is evidence of inflammation.

Pain clinic referred me for acupuncture, but they are only allowed to work on the lower spine under NHS batty rules! Just 6 sessions did start to decrease the discomfort in lower spine however, so may be offered some more ....eventually. So am currently awaiting a steroid injection into the upper spine. I am presuming that is where you had yours. Perhaps it depends on which clinician does it, because I've had several such injections over the years (mostly into my wrists as I have a recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome) and sometimes it works for 3-6 months and sometimes not at all!

Like you, sleep is an issue, which is why I'm typing this at 4.a.m. because I have an important event tomorrow and don't want to miss it (as I would have to if I TRIED to sleep). I will have to catch up the day after......the old "spoons thing" again!

When travelling - I now use a really comfortable (and cool) neck support - something like an airways cushion but much more support. It is in a U-shape and the cotton stretch cover is washable. This has been a great help, especially as English Roads are so uneven these days !!!!

Hope you have some relief, and sleep...soon.


You are right to be wary of Tramadol, it turned into a very slippery slope for me! I'm allergic (of course, oh the frustration) to Ibuprofen/Aspirin type drugs. I don't bother sleeping the night before apptments etc. either. Carpal tunnel returned within months of surgery. My gp tried acupuncture in the early days of our journey together, the needles caused electric shock type feelings and pinged out, then suffered extreme fatigue for about a week! It never ceases to amaze me how much we all have in common, with so many diagnoses that go with the FM diagnosis, and can share coping strategies! I cant imagine how I would cope at times, thank you God! Thank you, very much, for the support, and I wish you the very best for a good day today. Tulip xx


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