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Brain Scan/Fibromyalgia

Have suffered from fibromyalgia now for 12years plus now and had a injection in the top of my spine last april at the pain clinic for pain releif but since i have had it done the pain or symptoms have got worse. I get severe pain across the shoulders and down my arms with pins and needles and i have now been getting severe spams in the face and neck for eight months now. Have major problems sleeping.

Got my doctor to refer me to brain hospital and they think i might have brain inflammation, they going to give me a brain scan in two weeks.

Any advice would be great.

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Were they any more specific about what kind of inflammation they were talking about?

This definition is helpful:


Inflammation, including of the brain, is not a normal part of Fibro. Fibro does not show up in normal MRIs, only the functional MRIs and SPECT scans used in research.


I had to have a brain scan because my left arm and leg go dead and i cant feel anything there, so they did a scan to check as i didnt have MS or anything else going on! :) Try not to worry to much josie46 ;) do let us all know how you get on xx


Yes my left arm and leg have problems as well, when I had an MRI of my cervical spine they found I had cord compression and nerve root compression and that accounts for it.


Hi im waiting on brain scan too!! been off work for past 6 wks as i had some sort of seizure! they reckon. hd really bad pains in head wors than the cluster headache. pins an needles all down left side, spasms facial swelling. dizziness. falling. weakness on left side and a drunken style gait! they not sure if fibro related or somat else going on. been so frustrated as gp surgery forgot to action the referal! then rushed as a urgent. then no app til June! gp nt happy with this so actioned urgent priority app. so now waiting! wouls have thought i they wanted me seen. ibwould have been sent straigh up. causing me distress now as th mini episodes of the symptoms r returning. hve got up today with headache from hell, feel sick etc. just ha enough.x


I have had two brain scans, they really are no problem. The first was inside a tube thing, they gave me a choice of music to listen to and I didn't find it a problem, but some people feel claustrophobic inside the tube, I think it took about 15 minutes. The second was an open scan, something moved over the top whilst I was lying on a couch but they didn't give me anything to listen to, but I practicised meditation because it took 40 minutes. You have to keep very still or they have to start again, so prepare yourself, give yourself something nice to think about if you don't meditate, such as a nice holiday or imagine yourself having a slow and comfortable holistic massage. There is no pain or any discomfort at all, nothing to worry about. If you take regular pain killers try to time them so that you have good pain cover whilst you are having it done to help you keep still.


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