Hi every one. I just thought I should write this post. I notice a few times people ask about doing exercise with fibro.

I have tried a few things, and found the one for me. It is REBOUNDING.

Did you know that 10 minutes jogging or bouncing on a mini trampoline is the same ad jogging outdoors on a pavement?

No impact on your joints. It has lots of health benefits.

I do 15 minutes a day, and feel great. I have to persevere even though I am in pain.

I know how hard it is to exercise when in pain and tired. I work part-time and some days I just can't do it. It's cheaper that going to the gym. If the weather is bad, you can still jog indoors on the trampoline listening to music or watching T.V.

So if any one is thinking of doing an exercise think about rebounding on a trampoline.

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  • Hi Harmony, Any suggestions as to how i get on without breaking my neck? :P

    sue, who is not safe standing still. :D

  • Me too 😃

  • The trampoline is only nine inches off the ground. You can get them with a safety bar. They are called mini trampoline. I suggest you look on you tube search mini trampoline exercises.

  • You Go girl, 😃. I've never been on a trampoline in my life, maybe it's not too late in my late sixties LOl , I don't know if I'd trust myself though, probably break an ankle or something knowing me 👎

  • I have never been on one before. I am 52. Apparently it is great for the over 60s, it strengthen bones, improve stamina and improves your balance. A mini trampoline is only 9 inches off the floor. You can get them with a safety bar.

  • Wow sounds good , I'll have a look online

  • I am still not sure, :O I spend most of my life feeling a bit dizzy and i have a feeling that a trampoline would make me sick. :(

  • Yeah I understand. It can be tricky if you suffer from dizziness. But you can get them with safety bars. When I am not up to being energetic, I just do the health bounce. This is little bounces with out lifting my feet off the trampoline. I don't have the stay bar, but I do put a chair in front to hold on to.😀

  • Think i`ll just sit on the chair and bounce my feet. :P

  • Lol. Yeah that will work. It's still moving. What about using resistance band?😀

  • If that makes it harder to lift your feet off the floor, forget it. :) I cant lift them with no shoes on so i have no chance with a band. :(

  • Interesting - not the same thing, but I find that when I am in pain while sitting at my desk, especially myofascial pain, I find actually bouncing in my chair numbs the pain in time, it's as if one pain distracts from the other...

  • Thank you for sharing this, and I sincerely hope that it works well for you. I personally do a set daily physiotherapy routine whereby I use my poorest joints to try and keep the flexible and as pain free as possible. I lay on my bed and bend and twist joints slowly and carefully and have done this for about two years.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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