Graduate Exercise?

Has anyone found that this eliminates the impact of Fibro? My GP told me it's the only way to manage it but as I am in agony if I spend 10 mins on the exercise bike I don't even know where to start. Has anyone else tried this and is it really the miracle cure my GP has said it is? I'm desparate to try anything as I want to be able to carry on working

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  • I have looked into this, all the info i find says take it steady to start with. Swimming is non impact so much kinder to your muscles and tendons. Yoga and any other stretching exercise will ease the tightness. Thats what causes your pain, muscles are so tight they need stretching slow and gentle, dont over stretch. I personaly find the exercise does more for your mind than your body... but gentle exercise will loosen you up.

    Good luk

  • ok thanks. I think it's a bit of a viscious circle at the moment. It takes all of my energy to go to work each day and there's very little energy left then to do some exercise.

  • HI SuzyB -- I find the best way for me is more"gentle" exercise -- walking the dog for periods of 20mins, swimming (good all over exercise) and yoga is great! -- finding the best kind of exercise that suits you will take time -- but maybe start simply and build up -- don't expect too much from yourself to begin -- whatever you can manage is a bonus and "praise" yourself for what you achieve! As soon as you feel your body starting to "complain" then STOP and rest. My motto is "little and often" -- for instance if you sit at a desk at work then every 10 mins get up and walk around the offiice or when I am at work I will walk up 2 flights of stairs instead of taking the lift (this also gives you a bit of time to yourself!) Be patient with yourself and know your limitations and good luck!! :) xx

  • I already go for a walk at lunchtime. It's a slow pace but I normally walk for around 20 mins. I used to do yoga but had to stop because I had to have a carpal tunnel release operation on each hand. Maybe I'll try re-starting that not with a whole class but at home a litte bit each night. Thanks guys. I guess I'm just looking for that miracle cure...

  • Hi Suzy

    Trying to do something every day really helps me. As Stanne said - it helps mentally too. I have a stretching routine that I try to do every morning (not been very good at it recently - so this is a good reminder to me!) and that definitely helps. Also, walking when I can. Even if it's 10 minutes. One place where I used to work I used to walk in my lunch break. In fact a group of us did. It was really nice, and sociable too. We'd walk for half an hour, then eat our lunch, then go back to our desks. I know this is not suitable for everyone, but if you can manage 10 mins of stretching in the morning, and 10 mins of walking later in the day, I'm sure you'd notice the benefit. The key is not to overdo it. So don't think in terms of pre-fibro workout - just try to get your body moving to help the blood flow, digestive processes etc.

    Good luck with it



  • I agree, walking is the best think as you can go at your own pace and rest if you need to, I try and walk every day if possible and always feel better afterwards, though sometimes it's the last thing you feel like doing :-(

  • Slow walking is the only exercise I can manage, but it does make me feel better as long as I don't go too far.

    The thing that helps me most is to have a really good stretch - like a cat - and try to do it all over. You can do this lying down, so it's very relaxing, but I'm not sure it would be classed as exercise! Whatever - it really helps, especially when I am attacked by 'restless legs'!

  • Hi SusyB, You go to work every day, isn't that exercise? You are barely coping and evth that so how does your GP think you are going to find the energy to do yet more exercise?

    As for swimming - if i could physically get myself undressed, swim, dried, dressed and home again i would go myself as i have a pool less than 5 mins away which as a warmer pool and even specific times to go. Every time i am referred to physio swimming is the only exercise they offer me or they shake their heads and walk away.

    I try and do a little yoga every day and meditation and i must say they both help.

    Good luck Bev

  • Funnily enough I just wrote a blog about my weekly energy supplies after trying to explain the lack of energy I have on a daily basis

  • I really wish I could do as much exercise as you guys do!! After about 30 steps I can't walk any further with the pain, and I begin to stoop!! After any form of exertion I'm totally in pieces!! My back kills, my legs shake and I'm so scared of falling!! XX

  • I feel the need to comment about exercise and FMS. Firstly when the word exercise comes to mind we think we must do ex amount of minutes of doing what ever because that is all we have known since we were kids. We have fibro and those rules of exercise that we have known, are in our case detrimental to our illness. go with what is comfortable for you to do and not with what people think you should be doing. they dont have FMS. By doing it in your way then over time you will begin to see the benefits and yes you will have days that you cant do it but that doesnt matter, what does matter is your own well being so forget about trying to act normally WE CANT BE NORMAL

  • Cheers. I guess we all struggle with the concept of losing our normalness at times.

  • Hi graduate exercise, in the past Ihave tried losts of differant exercise but nothing helped only made the pain more unbearable and what made it worse I did not know why I had all this pain then 18months ago I finally got tolld I had fibro and told there was no cure I was deverstated I had spent all that time laying about in so much pain couldnt even put petrol in car at this piont then I met a lovely lady at the gym I was attending for a yoga class but found it difficult I now say this lady was an angel sent to me and she told me to try hot yoga which I did and seen a huge differance with in wks only thing I found that some postions were to much on my arms.But Inow go to BIKRIM yoga whichis only 26 postions repeated twice and also done in hot room which I find that any thing to do with heat does help me and the Bikrim yoga is amazing I also do meditain to quietenthe mind and the breathing exercise also helps to destress you,and Ido have alot of stress as my son is very ill at moment so BIG deep breathing exercise helps even whilst sitting in hospitals waiting to see doctors.So please try this. xxx Dubai.

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