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8th day in hospital!

Still in hospital an not getting many answers.. Not taking as many full body muscle spasms but even one is a day feels 2 much 4 me. Taking a awful cough and sore throat now on top of everything .. The docs have upped my amitriplyline and put me on diazepam 3 times a day just doing all the tests but they reckon it's from my fibro anyone else suffer like this? Must off hurt my feet while in spasms now can barely move that as everyone can imagine am very down at the minute and not sure if my body can stick these spasms as they make me pass out and be sick 4 a few hours afterwards. I could then sleep up to 4 hours after this. Anyone ever had this b4?


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Hi there so sorry to hear your so ill at the moment it must be hell. The answer to your question I cant answer but I know fibro when flaring can mimic illnesses too so there might be something in what the doctor is saying. The trouble with fibro its so minimised and thought not to be a problem but to be honest it just complicates every condition I have. I have a lower lumber that has weakened my feat and they have gone flat and to be honest it was a painful process and still can be. With this and the chronic s my symptoms are in a semi flare stage all the time and I pass out too regularly, in fact I've just woken form one. The chronic pains I presume make my muscle spasm and in turn causes my toes all to grab at the floor all day these are all involuntary too. I take amyltripoline 50 mg for this. Im writing this to hopefully help you feel not so alone at such a lonely time. I really hope they find out what is wrong soon and are able to help you to manage your symptoms . xx


I, fortunately, have never been hospitalised with this however I do get muscle spasms and have treatment for this. I was told it's to do with the nervous system going haywire sending erratic messages and it takes time to sort itself out between each episode, mine mostly come on when I'm trying to relax. I do hope you get to the bottom of this and get relief soon. I will add I had tests as an outpatient and this was the conclusion for me. Lou xx


Hi I'm new to the site but have had terrible neck and throat spasms saw emergency GP for one who also gave me diazepam , so sorry you are in Hsp hope today you have a better day. X x


Hi Ruth_Iderry

I am so sorry to read that you are still in hospital and I genuinely hope that you can get some resolution and relief to this as soon as possible, as I can imagine that it is so unpleasant.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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