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Well 1.23 Awake again, tel-tex read , flowers on wallpaper counted to try and get off to sleep again, Had relaxing music on .But no joy

May be time to change the wallpaper as getting fed up with this one,

Hubby wont be to pleased as he will be the one doing it these days LOL.

And was only done last year but their is only so many time you can count flowers on the paper,

Few years ago would have got up striped it and decorated it in one day myself. The things that go threw your head when you car,nt sleep. Colour, plain or pattend and how to tell him LOL, O well may be have a cupper as I think its going to be a long night,

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Hi Fibro10 I hope I didn't pass the gauntlet last night. Sadly though with this weather we have every excuse for a duvet day :o) and guilt free xx


What a good idear andd excuse for duvet day. but will have to get up daughters comeing and said to hubby i would make him some scouse for tea apple crumble so daughter dose the potatoes and carrots for me have to do a big pan as granchildren love it too. they say nanna.s is nicer bless but i tell them nanna,s had many year,s of making it. Hope you have a relaxing day xx


That use to be a joke in work, that everyone was going to have the same day off each week for a duvet day. Maybe we could do a sponsored duvet day to raise awareness for Fibro :)


Hi tiredalot Im up for that one a duvet daywould be good and may we could get people to sponcer us to raise money for fibro fund Do hope we sleep tonight xx


I must admit I take amitriptylene now and it works for me so far :)

Long may it last. I hope you manage a good night yourself :)


I hope you managed some sleep. When I had bad nights I picked something I thought would bore me on telly to make me sleep..who knew I am now a fan of crime scene programmes :) now I put the news on if I can't sleep put it low so I can just about hear it and it usually does the trick. Mind you it means for me sleeping on the sofa :( but I suppose it lets my OH sleep in peace :)


Hi have you tryed audio books I get them from local library ,there is a £ 2.00 charge per book but you can have it for a month , I may put it on 3/4 times in a night I keep the room dark and listen I never here to the end of the disk , it sends me Back to sleep ,good luck x


try drinking a warm cup of camomile tea with some ginger in it, or put some ginger powder in your bath, just a teaspoon xxxx


I genuinely hope that you get a much better sleep tonight.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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