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Does anyone else find that their eyesight and hearing alters daily and sometimes several times in a day?

In the last two years I find that I bite my tongue so badly in the night that I have big lumps on my tongue which my dentist says need to be watched and monitored, she says I should stop biting the side of my tongue. Funnily enough I am asleep when i do it. Is this due to the fibro?

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My eyesight and hearing both are very changeable these days. My hearing has been like this since having glandular fever 17 years back, so can partly be blamed on fluid build up. It has got real bad this last year though. TV will be just unbearable noise sometimes only for 10 minutes or so.

My eyesight goes from bleary to sharp and back maybe due to the lack of sleep. I have my doctor monitoring it. Please have yours checked.

You can get a gum shield to help with the tongue/cheek biting. Your Doc. can help with that too. Best of luck. Fi


Thanks Fi, I will look into the gum shield. I have my eyes checked every year, went yesterday and I was two points worse in left eye this year. I have also had problems since I had glandular fever in 15 years ago it is what really kicked of the fibro. Had my hearing checked last year and the chap said I hear more than the adverage person and specialist said that when the fibro is bad mayby the body shuts off the hearing so it can concentrate on walking etc. I understand this but think that as I can't hear in buzy places or listen to conversation if more than one person is speaking or the tv is on I think my poor brain must be overloaded most of the time. Thanks for your help. Elaine


I have so many similar problems.

My eyes were 2 points worse at last years check with an unidentified attachment on the lens too. I know they are much worse again and check up is due now as my mother has Glaucoma.

My hearing is also very sharp and sometimes the freezer noise would hurt then (2 floors away). If more than 2 are talking over each other I cannot understand anyone and get very confused. Sometimes supermarkets make me ,ore deaf!

Thanks for your post I understand my condition better. Glandular fever must leave plenty of damage that docs do not tell us about. Cannot pinpoint when Fibro started as I had a fractured skull at an early age, Motor cycle accident accident the year before as glandular fever and have had a whiplash accident around 12 years back so Fibro seems to have been inevitable for me :( Yet like so many, until I was diagnosed I had never even heard of it. Anything you want to PM me, please do. Best of luck. Fi x


Hi - I definitely have problems with my eyesight, so much that I had my eyes checked twice this year as I thought the first one had missed something! They were both the same so have to be careful if I have to drive anywhere. I do find that my prescription sunglasses are better for me so don't know whether that would help anyone.


Thanks FionaP and Liquorice, It really helps to know that the symptoms I have are not just me. I fully understand the freezer noise and it drives my friends mad when I keep saing what? Didn't hear that. It was why I had the hearing check. I rarely drive and never in the dark as can't see through other peoples headlights.

I am convinced that working fulltime and bringing up a famile single handed with glandular fever is what really kicked off the fibro. I spent a year hardly leaing the house and could not lift a kettle or walk. It has taken years and a lot of patience to get myself as well as I am and that is not good. I have a daughter who helps and understands as she is in the eairly stages of fibro herself. Poor girl.


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