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Today I went back to the doctor after evening fed up with all the pain and fatigue in the hope I would be given the help I needed. I saw a new doctor that I haven't seen before as he specialises in reumotology. He has decided I haven't got fibromyalgia but hasn't got a clue what it is. although over the past 7 months I have seen 3 other doctors all who confirmed it was.

The doctor today was quite good. He kept me 30 mins and did the pressure point test which I have. I also have a constant headache. Neck and back pain. Always tired and not really sleeping at night. My legs always feel like I've ran a marathon and my body is always twitching. This doctor told me a headache wasn't a symptom of fibromyalgia. But everywhere you read it is?!

Anyway he did change my fluxotine to some other anti depressant and has re added amitripoline back with all my other pain killers so he is still treating it.

Just needed somewhere to rant as I know one else understands. I just hope one day soon I find the right doctor as now I feel like I'm back at square one.

No pain killers even touch my pain. I've had anesthetic injected in my back! How can he say it isn't fibro when I have so many symptoms?

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Sorry you are being messed about like this, it's the last thing you need. It may indeed mean starting over again in the search for diagnosis as fibro does mirror other conditions however you should not have been left hanging like that, for a Doctor to make such a sweeping statement with nothing to back it up is unforgivable, you should certainly go to see someone who is more familiar with your case. I hope you get some answers soon. Lou x


Thank you. I've had all the blood test and scans possible! It just has to be fibro


Hi Lucytick

I am so sorry to read that your GP has created such uncertainty in your diagnosis, but it is better to have the correct diagnosis and receive the correct treatments and hopefully something really good will come from this?

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you get a diagnosis of something one way or another.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi - really feel for you! I have enough difficulty accepting my Fibro diagnosis? I certainly haven't been through what you have. Different opinions amongst medics isn't unusual but from what you describe it certainly sounds like Fibro? Is the Dr you mention a GP or Rheumatologist?


He's a GP but I thought he specialised in reumotology but pretty sure he told me it was just an interest. As I live in Guernsey, we are a bit limited to specialised doctors and facilities


Hello Lucytick,

I am sorry you are experiencing these issues, similar to mine when I was trying to get a diagnosis and I had to ask for a second opinion in the end. You may find you may also need to do the same maybe. I have posted a link to an online booklet written by Citizen Advice Bureau for Guernsey which may help, it includes contact numbers if you need them too.

Please can I also supply you with these links to our FibroAction website about how Fibro is diagnosed & more info about knowing your diagnosis;



You may want to discuss this information with your Doctor and I do hope you are able to get a diagnosis & treatment as soon as possible. Please know you can always come here to chat as usually you'll find members are around. We understand and will try our best to provide information & support

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hello Luckytick. It sounds like you have got Fibromyalgia. I have it and I get headaches most of the time. Headaches are a symptom of fibro. I am on pregabin 300mg a day. It doesn't touch the pain and painkillers are totally useless. Not all doctors understand fibro or even believe in it. Feeling like you haven't slept is a big giveaway that it's fibro. I would see a different GP and ask to see a rhemologist how can give you a diagnosis.


Yes I'm convinced myself I have it. I know you shouldn't but everywhere you look on the net all the symptoms I have tell me I do also. Trouble is with living in Guèrnsey as we are limited to services. We don't have a specialised rhemotolist just gp that have an interest or a little training. He was my forth doctor so I'm sort of running out of options of new doctors at my surgery! I've always got a headache it never goes. I've had ct scans and blood tests so it has to be fibri.


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