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Oh boy had thsi for 4 weeks now and its driving me nuts

Was so sudden all i can say is it felt like a pinched nerve in my bum :(

I couldent move walk stand sit and top it all off It was a week away from my holiday

Has anyone else suffered this ? The tingeling and numbness is the worse now unless i catch it if i turn or sit wrong

Due a back xray but all i have read about this scares me as it says its an under lying condition for something else

Help please and thks x

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sorry to hear that NannyAlli what has your gp said? has he prescribed or suggested anything to help?

I haven't had it, but I am sure others will be on tomorrow who can suggest something. does a hot water bottle help?


Hi NannyAlli

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have sciatic nerve damage and compression on the right side.

I can honestly sympathise with everything that you are going through as it is one of the most unpleasant pains I have experienced. I see a physiotherapist and undertake gentle daily exercises of knee bending and ankle rolling and (similar) to pelvic floor exercises. It may be worth discussing physiotherapy with your GP or Medical Specialist?

I was also given Naproxen for the pain which works fairly well, (I also use this for my Coccyx, as it has withered away). It may be worth discussing what pain medications are available for you?

I think the aching in my bottom and ankle pain are the worse parts for me? I can manage the back pain and the hip, thigh and calf pain okay? I hope that you can find the answers that you are so desperately searching for to this very unpleasant problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


High there sorry you're suffering in this way. I have had many yrs of back pain but last yr I started with numbness in my feet which first of all they put down to my diabetes but after asking to see a physiotherapist who then sent me back to my GP who sent me to A&E where they booked me in for an MRI scan where the results were sent to my GP who sent the report to the spinal specialist physio he then sent it to the neurosurgery team, who I used to work with as a staff nurse, who assessed me and I'm going in for surgery on Tuesday after waiting for nearly a year, but I hope you get to have an MRI because this shows up pressure on the nerves and spinal cord.


Hi there I hope you are getting a little relief I know how it feels unfortunately because of our fibromialgia if your unlucky enough to to have a fibro flare up at the same time it's continuous pain thats how the physios and hospital explained it to me. once I knew what was causing all the pain it stopped me wondering and worrying. hopefully your sciaticia will ease a little . If your back xray don't help see your gp about a mri scan but try not to be scared about anything you may have read wait to get your results . Theres a lot of information out there and it isn't always in the right contexts or it gives you worse case sinarios. I know the unknown is scary but as I have found on this site your not alone I'm still learning this one . Hoping you can get on top of your pain .if you can get someone to help you into the shower or a hot bath I have found it helps a little especially the legs my last attack I took tramadol ontop of my usual meds which include naproxen .talk to your gp about pain relief everyones different and everyone reacts to medication and treatments differently good luck .


Hi everyone you all have my sympathy because people that have never had chronic sciatica will never know how bad it Realy is mine started about June time when I was walking I had pain in my left leg shooting from my buttock but only gradually so I went to the dr and he said it was sciatica and gave me excersizes to do to build my back muscles up 4 weeks later it got worse so he gave me naproxen and to keep excersizing that was the key he says 6 weeks later I am in agony the left side of my leg was pure agony I couldn't walk for more that 20 mtrs without pain it was like toothache all down my left leg and bum and my toes were actually moving themselves because of the nerve pain it was agony Dr sent me to the MRI scan took another 5 weeks put me on codeine Amitriptyline naproxen in agony also had 9 Phisio appointments to strengthen the back MRI showed a prolapsed disc pushing on the sciatic nerve got app to see specialist at the hospital on holiday had to use a wheelchair it was terrible funny thing tho was it was only when I was walking in bed layed down I never got it only when I stood up I had about 3 minutes then it started soon as the load went onto the disc that squashed the nerve after about 15 weeks I got it that bad I couldn't get up to walk the Dr sent for a ambulance whisked me in had another MRI the next day I was operated on to cut the prolapsed disc out the day after the op I walked around the hospital bed like I used to no sciatica no pain it was FANTASTIC that same day I went home I am still taking it easy nearly 7 weeks now and I am pain free I exersixe my back everyday I walk a lot to keep my back muscles strong I have lost nearly a stone to help too sciatica felt like someone wrapping barbed wire around my buttock and left leg and foot and squashing it in my leg it was horrendous I feel for all of you with that illness and just hope you also get sciatica free one day hope this has helped


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