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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Claims latest information

Hello FibroAction Members,

PIP waiting times continue to grow according to Benefits & Work eNewsletter. I often get asked or see people discussing waiting times here on the community, so thought this information may help answer questions about delays in claiming PIP.

The waiting list for PIP assessments is continuing to grow, according to statistics released by the DWP, in spite of claims by ministers that the problem would be fixed by the Autumn.

Up to the end of July this year 529,000 claims for PIP had been lodged and 206,000 had been cleared, suggesting that there was still a backlog of 323,000 claims. At current clearance rates this means an average wait of around35 weeks (Benefits & Work 2014)

I know many of you may be struggling financially as you wait for your decision. If you need financial advice or help due to any poverty issues please see some organisations which may help under the title Resources below

Here is some information about help for people of low income including Short Term Benefit Advance (STBA) please see below;

You may be able to get an advance payment of benefit to help with living expenses while you are waiting for a payment of benefit. This is known as a Short Term Benefit Advance (STBA).

You can only get a Short Term Benefit Advance if you’ve claimed a benefit, or an increase in the amount of a benefit you’re already getting, but you haven’t yet received the first payment.

To get an advance you’ll need to show that you or your family are in financial hardship.

If you’re waiting for a decision on a benefit claim you’ll only get an advance if it seems likely that you’re entitled to the benefit (CAB)

For more info please see link;


Don't forget we can email you Benefit guides for free, please use

If you problems are becoming a dire situation please contact your local council and here are some other helpful links below;

If you find any other reputable resources please do mention in the comments.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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But I am still waiting to hear about my change over from IS and IB to ESA the form was signed in back at ATOS on the 12/12/2013 so well over 9 months ago and I am still waiting to hear about a medical and then I will have to wait again for the result.

Is this wait "normal" or should I try chasing them up again I have phoned several time only to be told that I will be contacted in due course so who knows what is going on at ATOS.


Hello Fibrokaren,

I believe there is a backlog for ESA too, please see B&W recent newsletter which you can read online for more information;

Hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Thank you Emma, that is really useful and informative. as you say, these questions do come up a lot on the forum.

Take care

Ken x


Yes as Ken says questions do come up about benefits etc so these are most useful i have book marked them for future use :) Thanks gins


I was lucky to have a telephone/paper based assessment some 4 weeks ago but as yet still no brown envelope with the decision, although I did get a brown envelope saying once they make that decision I will hear as soon as possible lol

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I filled my forms to changeover a year ago in August and have had no reply whatsoever. I wondered whether it was because i had had a previous medical which i was told was to change me over from one benefit to another and i received a letter after that medical saying i was unfit for work until 2015. Two of my sons also have fybro and received DLA and both were up for renewal both live in Leicester one everything went through fine no medical and the other son who has more problems had to have medical and has been awarded the highest rate mobility and lower rate care. My daughter was diagnosed 5 years ago she is 22 next week and has been in so much pain in her hip as her father has BUPA she was referred back to a rheumatologist and she said to him she didn't want to walk down the aisle next year with a walking stick he looked at her and said you will be walking fine she had had an MRI about 18 months ago and he decided to do another one to compare and was quite dismissive but she went to see him yesterday and they found she was low in vitaminD and something else but she couldn't remember, there is deterioration to the hip as well as sack of fluid and something to do with her back as well he asked her if anyone had ever discussed bone disease with her which she said no he has now referred her to an orthopaedic surgeon for a second opinion. Whilst we are pleased something showed up obviously as she is my baby and my only daughter it does worry me. All along i think her GP who i was under as well as my sons at one time has not believed her when she has said how it hurts and she has always described it like the hip is coming out of its socket and they have kept saying its not it can't do that but it sounds like it is bone on bone which i have with my knees i also suffered from the age of 14 and it was put down to growing pains. She has been waiting 27 weeks for her PIP assessment. My best friend had her changeover from incapacity benefit to ESA and was told that same day that she had nothing to worry about which annoys me as the monday after she was flying to Australia and she put splints on her hands and walked with a stick went to her drs where her husband said he has to do everything as she is not able to do it but she does scrapbooking classes and card making i can't even use the punches because my hands are so bad she just put all these things on for the medical. I'm not saying there is nothing wrong as she does have some problems but she doesn't want to do anything round the house now the husband has been diagnosed with fibre and is trying to claim everything he can he has just put a PIP claim in but looked on line to see what to write but he has recently fitted a new kitchen done my friends craft room fitted his fathers kitchen and bathroom but is going to say he can't walk or do anything and that makes me cross for all the people who genuinely cannot do anything. I have walked with crutches for the last 15 years i have just had surgery on my left hand for osteoarthritis having had the right one done a few years ago. i had knee replacement done privately 7 years ago which is useless and i haveOA in both knees and hips. Sorry to rant but sometimes it makes me so cross ok I get that yes they have health issues but to blatantly lie about it for the benefit is what makes it difficult for the rest of us.



When i rang dwp to ask about my atos assessment , they told me to ring and make my own app, i di , things moved, have now just had a successful pip award too, you could try asking if you can make an appointment, i had waited 11 months when this happened x


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